Halsey shares makeup free selfie and she looks absolutely stunning

Halsey shares makeup free selfie and she looks absolutely stunning

When we see celebrities, most of the time they have full faces of make-up and it makes it hard to imagine that they could ever wake up looking less than perfect like us.

This is why it makes it so important that A-listers stay real to their fans and post a make-up free selfie every once in a while. Not only does the celeb get to embrace their natural beauty, we get to see that famous faces are literally just like us. Win-win, huh?

The latest star to upload an au naturale image? American singer and songwriter Halsey. The 23-year-old songstress took to Instagram this week to celebrate herself, embracing her freckles in a sans make-up snap.

Captioning the photo "Feel like Me in a very good way," Halsey made it clear that she felt her best when wearing no make-up. She thrilled her 7.9 million Instagram followers who couldn't get enough of her selfie that bore all. "Such a perfect lil nugget," wrote Instagram user mari.negreli, while fellow Instagrammer nc_hilley16 joined her in admiring the singer's picture, putting "Luv the freckles you look beautiful ♥♥♥". Instagram user cmeginnes96 also acknowledged Halsey's natural beauty, simply stating "Naturally gorgeous ??".

The singer's post comes just after she dropped the music video for Strangers on June 20, which features ex-Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui. The new video shows Luna, played by Halsey, going out in a boxing ring to fight against her lover Rosa, played by fellow bisexual singer Jauregui. It ends in a bloodied Halsey standing victorious over her former flame, before meeting with her male lover Solis.

The storyline caused controversy with the songstress' fans, with many of them complaining that, for a song that specifically uses female pronouns, it wasn't explicitly LGBTQ. As she caught wind of the outrage, Halsey herself clapped back on Twitter, claiming that within the context of the song’s lyrics, it wouldn’t have made sense to make a purely sexual video.

"I just wanted the metaphor to apply to any kind of relationship," she wrote. "It was a hard situation. The song is obviously my effort towards greater representation but I didn’t want to make the clickbait sexy vid everyone wanted, cause it does no justice to the narrative of the song I wrote."

Nonetheless, some fans refused to back down, claiming that the song contributed to bisexual erasure. The Bad at Love star, again, defended the music video, telling her fans that it shows a character who is in love with both a man and a woman. “It literally IS a bisexual story,” she wrote. "Luna has romantic relationships with both Rosa and Solis. Her relationship with a man doesn’t nullify her bisexuality. Not in an imaginary music video universe and not in real life either!!!!!! Ok!!!!!!"

Let's hope Halsey and her fans can reconcile on the issue - and let's all hope that this isn't the last no make-up selfie we see from her!