Harvey Weinstein is savagely roasted by female comedians during actors event

Harvey Weinstein is savagely roasted by female comedians during actors event

Comedians and actors savagely roasted and confronted accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein during an event for young actors in New York on Wednesday night.

Per the Metro, the disgraced media mogul was in attendance at the invite-only event Actors Hours at Downtime bar in New York’s East Village. After spotting Weinstein sitting in the audience, comedian Kelly Bachman was the first to address Weinstein's presence, starting her set by targeting the shamed mogul, making several brutal comments aimed at Weinstein and the accusations of sexual assault made against him.

Check out a clip of Kelly's savage set in the video below:

After joking that she didn't realize that she needed to bring her own "mace and rape whistle", several male members of the audience can be heard booing the comedian - with one person even shouting at Bachman to "shut up" - while many women in the crowd cheered.

Actor Zoe Stuckless (who uses they/them pronouns), spoke to Vulture about the evening, and after revealing that the intimate event only had 50 people there, Stuckless spoke about who accompanied Weinstein to the event:

"There were two women on either side of him. Later-20s, early-30s model women. There was a blond guy, in a nice suit — he looked like a business type. They were sort of laughing and talking shop. And there was a guy who was sort of a scout — he seemed like a bodyguard. And a couple people came and went."

However, Stuckless refused to remain silent on Weinstein's attendance, and footage was captured of them making explosive comments to Weinstein.

Check out Harvey Weinstein's reaction to one person's explosive outburst in the video below:

In the video, Stuckless, standing just feet away from Weinstein, can be heard shouting: "Nobody's gonna say anything?! I'm gonna stand four feet from a f**king rapist and nobody's gonna say anything?!"

In her interview with Vulture, Stuckless also commented on a male comedian who started his set the same as Bachman by saying: "We gotta talk about the elephant in the room." The male comic from Florida then quipped, "Yeah, who’s the elephant that produced Good Will Hunting? Cause that shit was amazing!"

Since the explosive evening, the organizers behind Actors Hour - including actor and producer Alexandra Laliberte - have posted a statement to their Instagram accounts explaining that Weinstein was "NOT invited". The full statement as it appeared is below:

Credit: Instagram/Alexandra Laliberte

Weinstein's representatives have since provided a statement to TMZ regarding the chaotic evening: “Harvey Weinstein was out with friends enjoying the music and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside down. This scene was uncalled for, downright rude and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public, trying to take it away in the courtroom too.”