Heidi Klum's gory Halloween costume finally revealed for 2019 after 13 hours of prosthetics

Heidi Klum's gory Halloween costume finally revealed for 2019 after 13 hours of prosthetics

When it comes to Halloween costumes, sometimes celebrities are the best sources of inspiration. After all, a lot of Hollywood actors are used to long hours having makeup and prosthetics applied for a movie role, and will go the extra mile to make everything look just right.

But this year, German model and TV personality Heidi Klum has gone the extra mile at a Halloween party, and a costume that's probably one of the best ever designed, and which is guaranteed to turn anyone's stomach.

Watch the process video for Heidi's awesome Halloween costume right here: 

The 46-year-old model gave partygoers the shock of their lives when she rocked up to her 20th Annual Halloween Bash in New York City on Thursday.

Heidi was dressed as a spectacularly gory humanoid cyborg, complete with exposed brains, muscles, and organs, and covered in blood. Creating the grotesque get-up apparently took more than 13 hours of hard work. She also uploaded plenty of pics of her costume and even uploaded some videos of the process.

She captioned the video: "I‘ll be getting ready all day at @amazon Books - 7 W 34th St in Manhattan. Come say hi! @amazonprimevideo #heidiklumhalloween #heidiklumhalloween2019."

Check out this footage of Heidi having the face of her costume applied: 

The party was held at the Moxy Hotel, and the model announced her party plans by telling Entertainment Tonight: "This year is my 20th anniversary of my Halloween party, so I thought it would be fun for people to watch live when I get ready."

She continued: "On the 34th Street store of Amazon, I’m gonna be sitting in the window and people can just come by all day long and just watch the process if they’re interested in seeing something like that."

She added: "I thought it was fun to do a live art installation – that’s what I just want to call it, because, for me, it’s life art, what they do to me. People can hang out there all day and watch or come in the morning and then shop and come back in the afternoon. "I’ll still be there. Come and watch if you want!"

Heidi has something of a reputation for her Halloween costumes and has previously dressed up as an old lady, Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Princess Fiona from Shrek.