Here's everything that was on the menu for Stormi Jenner's first birthday party

Here's everything that was on the menu for Stormi Jenner's first birthday party

My first birthday party was probably really lovely, but compared to that of Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi, my hardworking and well-meaning parents may as well not have bothered.

While most people's first birthday's pass by with a couple of cute moments and a little bit of fuss, Stormi had an entire amusement park dedicated to her first 12 months of existence, and as you might imagine, 'Stormiworld' was quite something to behold.

With the entire Kardashian Klan in attendance and a whole host of rides and entertainment options all under a giant tent shaped like her head, Stormi won't necessarily remember her first birthday, but that doesn't mean it was anywhere near a forgettable occasion.

That, of course, extended all the way to the birthday cake, which was an amusement park ride in itself. I mean that literally; Stormi's birthday cake was designed by Julie Simon, who made an astonishing tiered cake with a working carousel. All completely edible, by the way.

"I have dreamed of making a sugar carousel, where the horses went round and round and up and down. Yesterday, I got to make that dream a reality! Everything you see is made of sugar - from the carousel to the flowers. With love and magic, Julie."

But, of course, you can't have a first birthday with only cake on the menu - you'd just have tons of hyper kids everywhere, and it would be a nightmare. So, as well as that cake above, Kylie Jenner's Instagram revealed that guests at Stormiworld got to enjoy mini pizzas - in the much-loved flavours of cheese and pepperoni - complete with their own trays, and of course, Stormiworld-branded boxes.

Stormiworld pizzas Credit: Instagram

But what about those people who weren't in the mood for a full pizza, as rare as they might be? Well, for those in need of some small starchy sustenance instead of an explosion of cheese, there were also deliciously greasy french fries available, with Louis Vuitton-inspired Stormi Webster branding all over the box.

Stormiworld fries Credit: Instagram

"Too greasy," some might say. We know that Kourtney Kardashian, for example, is really careful about her dieting, but even she might be tempted by the pretzels scattered around the party; hanging there, just begging to be plucked from the sky and popped into any waiting mouth.

Pretzels Credit: Instagram

Delicious, isn't it? But between the cheese, the grease and the salt from the pretzels, dinner guests would have gotten pretty thirsty, don't you think? Well! It's good, then, that there were plenty of drinks to be had, featuring crazy straws that spelled out Stormi's name before they helped to quench your thirst.

StormiWorld branded, of course.

Stormiworld soda Credit: Instagram

Oh, what's that? You're still feeling a bit peckish? Well, why not chow down on a cookie, featuring the birthday girl's face? There you go. All in all, Stormi had the best birthday a little girl could ask for, and even if you sat in the corner and just ate the food, I'm sure you would have had an amazing time anyway.