Here's the bizarre connection Meghan Markle has to one of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends

Here's the bizarre connection Meghan Markle has to one of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends

Following her marriage to Britain's most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has become one of the most talked about humans on the planet. Now, not a day goes by when the erstwhile actress's sartorial choices aren't analysed, and the recent drama surrounding her family - that regarding her father, Thomas Markle Sr., in particular - has given the tabloids one very protracted field-day.

Now, the internet has discovered that the newly appointed Duchess of Sussex has a strange connection to Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

Before he was involved with Meghan, Prince Harry dated a number of other women, including Chelsy Davy, who he was in an on-again-off-again relationship with between 2004 and 2011. Since splitting, the pair have reportedly kept in touch, and Chelsy even made an appearance at the nuptials of Meghan and Harry, which were hosted at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, back in May.

It didn't seem like there was any awkwardness between Meghan, Harry and Chelsy at the wedding - and why would there be? - they're grown adults and exes can be friends. But, if there was any awkwardness, this recent development might aggravate it a little: Chelsy is reportedly dating the ex-husband of one of Meghan's best friends.

As The Mirror pointed out, the 32-year-old's current beau, James Marshall, used to be married to Meghan's close pal, Elettra Wiedemann. It's believed that the pair have been dating since April, when paparazzi photographed them kissing on the street. At the time, an insider asserted, "It's not clear if Meghan introduced Chelsy to James, but this keeps everyone happy."

Elettra, on the other hand, was married to James between 2012 - 2015.

In any case, Meghan has likely been too preoccupied with her new duties as Duchess of Sussex to concern herself with such idle chatter. She accompanied the Queen on a solo outing in June, which went swimmingly, and she's even been on the royal train - something that is unprecedented for such a new member of Kensington Palace.

Additionally, Meghan has purportedly been undergoing a total of six months in "duchess training" with the Queen's assistant private secretary, Samantha Cohen.

Cohen has allegedly moved from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace to join Meghan and Prince Harry in their home this summer. The royal staffer will reportedly become the couple's private secretary, as well as be employed to teach the 37-year-old how to behave at state affairs and events. According to Elite Daily, one of Cohen's first tasks as Meghan's adviser was to guide her through Prince Charles's recent 70th birthday celebrations.

TMZ has previously reported that Prince Harry had been giving his wife lessons on the more important royal rules, such as how to address dignitaries, members of the royal family, and when, how and whom to curtsy to - a matter that is more complex than you'd first assume.

According to protocol, Meghan is supposed to curtsy to those who outrank her. This includes the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Because William is due to be the future King of England, he also receives a curtsy, and by extension so does Kate Middleton.

I mean, Meghan is clearly way too busy to keep up with her husband's ex-girlfriend's love life...