Here's the list of crazy "rules" Princess Eugenie gave ahead of the Royal Wedding

Here's the list of crazy "rules" Princess Eugenie gave ahead of the Royal Wedding

If you hadn't heard already, Princess Eugenie's wedding is happening today. The Queen's granddaughter is set to marry Jack Brooksbank in Windsor at St. George's Chapel: the same venue that saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot earlier this year.

And, though Eugenie's big day hasn't had as much press coverage or hype (or scandal!) as her cousin's, it's still obviously a major event on the royal calendar. As such, she's spent a lot of time and effort making sure the day fits the high standard expected of a princess - and that means there were certain rules that had to be laid out for guests.

In fact, so committed to relaying these rules was Eugenie, that she had special "information packets" made up to give to guests ahead of the ceremony.

To start with, guests have been instructed - very clearly - that they should not bring wedding gifts to the event. Unlike Meghan and Harry, however, the royal couple are accepting presents - they have just requested for them to be sent to the Duke of York's office at Buckingham Palace. And, to avoid confusion, the newlyweds have provided a registry for things they want and need (though what exactly two aristocratic millionaires could possibly ask for is a mystery to most of us).

Attendees have also been told that they also need to leave behind any "hand luggage" (which we're guessing refers to smaller items like handbags and purses, not just full-size travel suitcases) and to refrain from bringing cameras along, as "photography is not allowed in St George’s Chapel or Windsor Castle".

The couple were pretty specific about arrival times, and said that their guests should be seated for the ceremony at no later than 10.15am. This would then be followed by a 30 minute period during which members of the royal family and Jack Brooksbank's relatives could arrive and take their seats, before the actual ceremony began at 11.

Perhaps the most stringent rule on Eugenie's list was the request that guests do not post anything about the event on social media.

Those who are keen on catching up with what went down don't need to worry, though, as the whole thing was televised, and parts of the ceremony were posted to social media by Kensington Palace's official accounts.

The couple said little about their plans for the day to the media, but each of them disclosed how they were feeling ahead of their time in the spotlight.

"I’ll need to take a few minutes for myself before the speeches, because I’m terrified. It’s very exciting, but I’m a little bit nervous," Brooksbank said in an interview a matter of weeks ago.

Eugenie seemed to have the same sort of anxieties about the wedding, saying: "It's nerve-wracking and a bit scary and all the things that come with getting married, but at the end of the day you get to marry the person you love."

Now that the ceremony is over, however, the pair of them seemed to have pulled through without any mishaps. Plus, by the looks of things, everybody followed the rules - so it seems the couple did the right thing by being extra prepared.