Here's what Meghan Markle has said about being married to Prince Harry

Here's what Meghan Markle has said about being married to Prince Harry

When Prince Harry saw his bride, Meghan Markle, for the first time as she walked down the aisle at their wedding last month, practically every girl on the planet collectively swooned, sighed and thought "why can't that be me?"

There's no denying that the royal couple is completely adorable, and about as in love as a couple can be - and things only seem to get cuter when it comes to those two.

The latest perfect rom-com moment in our saga? Meghan Markle's comments about what it's like being married to Prince Harry. During her excursion with the Queen, the former Suits star was asked what it's like to have the ginger-haired royal as a husband, and she had the sweetest response.

According to the Daily Mail's royal correspondent, Rebecca English, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that Harry was, in her opinion, the "best husband ever", making her proclamation with a smile. In addition, she told wellwishers married life was "wonderful". You jealous? Me neither...

Her trip with Queen Elizabeth marks the first royal event she hasn't attended with Prince Harry. But lucky, things appear to be going swimmingly, with the pair giggling their way through the days. In fact, they practically look like BFFs already, with Meghan and her new grandmother seen sharing jokes and engaging with the public, who had lined the streets for their visit.

In addition, the 36-year-old appears to be getting along great with her royal duties. Kaleigh Watterson, a BBC reporter at the scene stated that "Meghan seemed like a natural in her new royal role and looked genuinely happy as she stopped to chat and shake hands with those assembled; many of them hadn't expected she would have time to speak to them and were visibly moved."

Alison Green, 49, who is originally from the UK but now lives in Virginia, USA, also spoke of her delight at seeing the Duchess in the flesh. Speaking to the BBC, she stated: "I landed yesterday to see mum and dad and decided to come down today. I'm mainly looking forward to seeing Meghan as I want to make my friends at home jealous!"

Another royal fan Sharon Briscoe, 61, apparently got to see Meghan’s wedding ring. Sharon, said: "I was actually stunned by how beautiful she is in the flesh. I asked her how married life was and she said 'wonderful', and then I told her how gorgeous she looked at her wedding and that both her and Harry look made for each other to which she replied 'Thank you, that means so much to us both'."

So, what's next on the agenda for the brand new royal?  The Duchess of Sussex has an exciting agenda lined up which sees her heading to Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand, among other places, in the Autumn with Prince Harry. Considering how splendidly she's been doing so far, we'll 100 per cent sure she'll nail her next set of royal engagements.