Here's what's on the menu for the Royal Family for their amazing Christmas Dinner

Here's what's on the menu for the Royal Family for their amazing Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas, everyone! As the year 2018 enters its final two weeks, we're all making our way back home to our families and loved ones, and you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be eating a ton of food. But no matter how much you love your family or how good of a cook your mum might be, any Christmas celebration we might have pales in comparison to that of the Royal Family.

Come on, you know it's true.

Of course, 2018's been a big year for the Royal Family, and the guests attending the Christmas Dinner this year will be a little different from the guest list last year. We've had a couple of huge weddings, but while the likes of Meghan Markle and Jack Brooksbank have married into the family, we've also got Prince Louis at the table - though I'd imagine his meal is probably way different to everyone else.

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But what might that meal be? We all know that it's better than ours, but exactly how much better? Well, if you were curious, this is your lucky day: we've got all the important details on what's going to go down at Queen Elizabeth's country estate this Christmas.

So let's dive right in. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll all enjoy a Christmas party, and the Royal Family is no different - apart from, y'know, that it's going to be way better than ours. On Christmas Eve, we've got a pretty swanky cocktail party to kick things off, where all of the adults will be having a tipple to celebrate the year gone by.

While Prince William and Prince Harry will be enjoying a nice cider, Prince Charles is on the sherry. Meghan Markle will probably be on water, however, as she gets ready to welcome a Royal Baby into the world. The Queen, however, does not play around: she'll be drinking gin cocktails all the way through, but hopefully everyone stays fairly merry, and they'll have plenty of tea and butter-and-jam sandwiches to soak up all that booze.

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Then, it's Christmas Day, and we kick things off with a traditional English breakfast. So, plenty of eggs, bacon and sausages to enjoy for all the royals, as part of a massive meeting of eating. The Queen, Prince Charles and the rest of the gang will then head to church for a little rest from all the food, before we go to the main event.

As you might expect, roast turkey won't be the only thing on the Royal Menu this year, with as many as 20 dishes - including lobster-topped salad and plenty of veggie sides so every different type of cuisine will be covered.

But once the dust has settled and everyone present has had their fill, they'll be tempted one final time with a delicious-sounding flaming pudding. Meghan Markle might have to sit that one out, though, because it's made with dark beer, brandy and rum.

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Well, doesn't that sound lovely? Now, I'm sure your Christmas Dinner this year will be lovely... but, come on.