Here's why Meghan Markle can't open any presents on Christmas Day anymore

Here's why Meghan Markle can't open any presents on Christmas Day anymore

Christmas is almost upon us; or at least, the loudspeakers in the shops have started playing Christmassy tunes, which means that soon it will be time for us to put up our trees, hang up our stockings, and exchange presents after stuffing our faces in vast piles of food. Personally, I can hardly wait. But it's not just the rampant materialism, binge eating and endless loops of Fairytale of New York that make the festive season so brilliant. No; it's because Christmas, as corny as it may sound, is a time for family.

For the British Royal family, Christmas is an especially important time; not least because they have a number of important duties to perform at this time, and also the religious significance of December 25; since the Queen is the head of the Church of England and a devout Christian. Indeed, for Meghan Markle (the newest member of the British royals) her new family's yuletide traditions may take some getting used to.

For example, this year Megan Markle won't be opening her Christmas presents on December 25 like the rest of us. Indeed, according to the Royal Family's official website, Meghan will open her presents on Christmas Eve instead. The Royal Family lay out their presents on trestle tables at teatime on December 24, a German tradition leftover from when the House of Windsor was actually the House of Hanover. As former royal chef Darren McGrady explains: "The royals are of German descent so they weave in German traditions to their celebrations. After afternoon tea, they open gifts on Christmas Eve, as is the German tradition."

The official site also adds that: "All members of The Royal Household will receive Christmas presents from The Queen, and Her Majesty will personally hand out presents to some members of The Royal Household at Buckingham Palace and at Windsor Castle.   Continuing the tradition from her father, King George VI and her grandfather, George V – The Queen also gives Christmas puddings to her staff. About 1500 Christmas puddings paid for by The Queen (through the Privy Purse) are distributed to staff throughout the Palaces, staff in the Court Post Office and Palace police."

It continues: "Each pudding is accompanied by a greeting card from The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. As well as donating money to several charities in Windsor each Christmas, The Queen also gives Christmas trees each year to Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Giles' Cathedral and the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. Churches and schools in the Sandringham area will also receive a tree from Her Majesty."

So I guess that Meghan's Christmas is going to be a little different this year compared with what she's used to. But still, I don't think it'll be a problem for her. Personally, I think she'll have a marvellous time ... apart from having to endure the British weather of course.