Here's why Paris Jackson stormed out of a Dior fashion show 'in a rage'

Here's why Paris Jackson stormed out of a Dior fashion show 'in a rage'

This weekend, the Dior Cruise Collection Show went down in Paris, France, and played host to a number of notable guests. One of the most famous amongst them was Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson and so-called "it girl" in her own right.

As intriguing as her presence was at the event, however, it was her abrupt exit that attracted the most attention.

The drama all started when a storm kicked up just before the first models walked down the runway. For a normal fashion show, this wouldn't be too much of a problem. However, the Dior show was being held in an open-air stadium and the catwalk was comprised of a boardwalk surrounding an arena, in which a Mexican rodeo was being performed.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s artistic director for women’s wear, said that the decision to host the all-female show amidst a real rodeo (complete with dare-devilish stunts) was a feminist statement:

"Sometimes, women think that to make it in a man’s world, then they have to change themselves somehow in order to fit in," she said. "The escaramuzas show that doesn’t always have to be true. Usually, the female role in rodeo culture is to be there to support their husbands and sons. But these are women who have decided they want to do it themselves."

Jackson was apparently unimpressed by some aspect of the show, however, as she left as soon as the first model walked out.

"It all proved too much for Jackson, who huffed out barefoot, having earlier asked two assistants to help her out of her high-heeled sandals," reported WWD. "Whether the issue was animal welfare, or simply an extreme aversion to rain, was not clear."

However, as Jackson later went on to post this to her Instagram, it appears that she probably had some concerns about how the horses were being treated:

What's more, the 20-year-old did note to reporters before the show that she had a special affection for horses, saying, "I love horses very much. I’m ecstatic [to see them]," before saying she can ride western, but prefers bareback.

Page Six have since  confirmed these rumors, saying "a source told us Jackson left the show because she disapproved of the performing animals."

It seems she wasn't the only one left unimpressed with the evening, though.

A fashion insider spoke to Page Six about the disappointing display of soggy models and soaked guests, saying, "They spent a bajillion dollars on this … they couldn’t get a tent?"

On the other hand, many said they enjoyed the show and, if anything, the rain only made it more atmospheric. What's more, there doesn't seem to have been any other complaints about animal cruelty, nor are there any photos that might show unfair treatment to the animals involved.

Jackson has yet to say exactly what went down that evening, so - for now, at least - we'll just have to go on speculation.