'Human Ken Doll' reveals photos of his new surgery intended to make him look like a 'sexy cat'

'Human Ken Doll' reveals photos of his new surgery intended to make him look like a 'sexy cat'

He's back! Rodrigo Alves, better known as the 'Human Ken Doll' has returned again to announce that he's had yet more surgery - this time to make him look like a "sexy cat".

"I am so happy with @parsianbeauty and all the doctors who have been looking after me," Alves wrote on Instagram yesterday. "I have being recovering really well and I few days I will be ready to show you the results of all my procedures. I have got done #cheeklift #facelift #templolift #liplift #chinimplant and 11th nose job that saved my breathing and today a Canthopexy #eyelift [sic]."

The Canthopexy is his 70th (!) surgery, and has been done to reshape his eyes to be more cat-like.

While he's still recovering, though, Alves doesn't exactly look "sexy"...

Rodrigo Alves cat eye surgery Credit: Caters

As always, though, the reality star is totally buzzed about his new look, and has been talking about the grisly side-effects as if they're absolutely nothing to worry about.

“I had very the very controversial canthopexy surgery. No one has cat eyes unless they have had work done to make them look like a cat," he said. "It makes your eyes look sexy, more awake and if you are using make-up, it can enhance their look even more."

He continued: "My surgeon cutaway the skin and removed it, then he pulled the muscles together. Now I can’t close my eyes and need medication drops while I recover ... Whenever I nap now, I struggle to close my eyes properly, they don’t shut 100% like normal but eventually they will."

This surgery has taken place just weeks after the 35-year-old went under the knife in order to correct some problems caused by previous cosmetic procedures - but, again, that didn't seem to bother Alves.

Rodrigo Alves cat eye surgery Credit: Caters

"I noticed my face was naturally starting to change - my lips were getting lower, my eyes, nose and cheeks were dropping," he revealed at the start of January.

"On New Year's Eve I looked at myself and thought 'New year, new face' and booked the surgeries. But when surgeons opened up my face it was full of fibrosis that they had to remove, it took so long that they couldn't replace my silicone chin implant. It took them five hours for a revision face, eye and lip lift, and to remove all of the fibrosis and 200 threads inside my face.

"It was quite shocking as they are very good doctors, Iran is very big in facial plastic surgery and their standards are very high here."

Alves went under the knife this time in order to get his look perfected for the Eurovision song contest, at which he will be performing his own version of the well-known Aqua song, Barbie Girl.

"I have had this work in preparation for performing at the Eurovision opening party and have been trying to turn myself into a pop icon," he said.

"I want to transform myself from Ken Doll to looking like a pop star, I’m changing my wardrobe, my look and haircut. I want to look less boring, I don’t want to look like a 35-year-old.

"My song ‘Plastic World’ celebrates those who have had body modifications to be happy, to help them own it and live life."

And with his new cat eyes, the Human Ken Doll is certainly "owning" his new look. Let's hope he recovers in time for the big show.