Inside source reveals Bradley Cooper wanted Lady Gaga to fall in love with him

Inside source reveals Bradley Cooper wanted Lady Gaga to fall in love with him

Everywhere you look for celebrity news, we're no longer talking about the Oscars or about the Kardashians.

We're talking about only one thing: the rumours about Bradley Cooper and the newly-single Lady Gaga. Regardless of how you feel about the idea of these two being an item, there's no denying that the two leads of A Star Is Born have some amazing chemistry.

Just look at this Oscars performance. It's got everyone talking, and for good reason; as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed their Oscar-winning Best Original Song Shallow together, the chemistry sizzles and no matter where they are, it's as if no-one else is in the room with them.

Moments like this, as well as Lady Gaga's unexpected split from her fiancé Christian Carino, are why people are shipping these two so hard. But according to an inside source, the actors' intense connection was part of the plan this entire time.

Bradley Cooper made his directorial debut in A Star Is Born, and although he missed out on a Best Director nomination at the 91st Academy Awards, he wanted an authentic streak to run through his film, and an insider speaking to Page Six says this extended to the romance between the two leads: "He wanted an authentic love story on-screen."

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"Hollywood is buzzing that Gaga fell for Bradley during preproduction and filming, creating the intense emotional energy you see on-screen and at the Oscars," the source continued, pointing to how "vulnerable" Lady Gaga looks when alongside Cooper. But the source reveals that the close nature of their professional relationship may have rubbed some people the wrong way.

At a Creative Arts Agency (CAA) party, once source noticed Cooper and Gaga together, noting how close the pair were, even as Gaga's ex looked on.

"[They were] very, very close . . . even though her ex-fiancé [Carino] was there — in the same room — but keeping his distance. Gaga and Bradley were cozied up on a sofa . . . [They] were inseparable, and people definitely thought it was weird."

According to a separate insider, Bradley Cooper's long term girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was nowhere to be seen.

Another source, however, said that although they've got a close bond, there's no impending relationship announcement coming up. "Bradley and Gaga were both there and hanging out, but they were not 'together,'" the source said.

Meanwhile, another source gave us a window into the mind of Irina Shayk. The model was present at the Oscars where Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had their steamy performance, and a source reveals that she's not too happy with all the media attention that her boyfriend is getting.

"Irina is not happy with all the attention that the performance onstage generated. But she feels confident that nothing ever happened between Gaga and Bradley. They had chemistry during the movie shoot. But that’s that. She feels confident in her relationship for now."

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Other sources close to the stars have poured cold water on any relationship rumours, with one saying: "Some in the industry believe Bradley may be working the situation for public attention."