Iskra Lawrence shares stunning bikini picture with an important message behind it

Iskra Lawrence shares stunning bikini picture with an important message behind it

There was a time when models were all-but required to be stick thin; in the heroin-chic mould that was de-rigour in those archaic days of yore.

Thankfully, in our modern society, a far more diverse - and by consequence, interesting - gamut of shapes and sizes can be seen on the fashion runways of the world. Though Instagram can be a depressingly surreal place; all filtered vistas and touched-up topless selfies, it has also helped given rise to the body-positive movement; a school of thought that celebrates the human body in all of its many forms, rather than requiring people to fit into particular sizes.

Now, plus-size models grace the covers of magazines, and models of all shapes and sizes walk the runway for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world.

One of the more recognisable proponents of the body-positive movement is Iskra Lawrence. She has been refreshingly candid throughout her career, inspiring countless women along the way to feel good about the skin they're in. And now she's gone and done it again, in a beautiful Instagram post with an important message to accompany it.

In it, Lawrence urges us to embrace ourselves and not judge ourselves on the way others look. Here's her post in full;

"I read one of your comments yesterday that said “if I looked like her all my problems would go away”. Maybe it was said in jest but thoughts turn into consciousness, and in turn can start to affect our mindset, outlook, and how we view ourselves. Which in turn will eventually be your reality - I used to think like that. I’d look at pictures of slimmer models that were highly successful and believe if I looked like them (including the unrealistic photoshop) that I would also have a more successful career, love life, I’d be happier and life would be better.

"But those thoughts only lead to your own dissatisfaction with yourself, your body and your life.(For me this lead me to have body dysmorphia and an ED and I’m grateful I was able to recover and become the woman I am today, who knows my self worth.) When in reality, you can never be someone else.

"But no one can ever be you either. And that makes you one of a kind, so never forget you are meant to be you. Give your energy to embracing who you are and what you can bring to the table and to others and to this world, by being you.

"Because God made you you for a reason, so let your unique self shine and radiate love, confidence and enoughness."

Hats off to Iskra Lawrence for continuing to champion women embracing their bodies and learning to love themselves just the way they are. It's so important not to judge yourself on someone else's idea of an ideal physique; as long as you're healthy and happy, everything else should fall into place, too.