Jack Black accidentally re-creates the 'distracted boyfriend' meme in real life and it's perfect

Jack Black accidentally re-creates the 'distracted boyfriend' meme in real life and it's perfect

You wouldn't think that recreating an internet meme in real life would be easy. After all, most of the time, images and videos become memetic by complete accident. It's therefore almost impossible to replicate them. But what if you were to recreate an internet meme by accident, saving you all the bother of staging everything just-so? Then you'd really be on to something.

In case you've never heard of the image macro before, then allow me to enlighten you. The stock image, taken by photographer Antonio Guillem, was originally posted to iStock back in 2015, entitled: "Disloyal man with his girlfriend looking at another girl." (shown below). Not long after, a Tumblr-user edited the image with captions to make it seem like the man turning his head was considering going after something else instead. Social media users found it hilarious, decided to use the picture as a template, and thus a meme was born.

There have been many attempts to replicate the meme over the years, but now it seems as though a celebrity has finally managed to recreate it properly. School of Rock actor Jack Black recently launched his own gaming channel on YouTubeJablinski Games. Flash forward to two months later and he now boasts around 3.8 million subscribers.

In a recent vlog post, Black took a stroll around Atlanta during filming for the next Jumanji movie. That was was when he passed a young couple on the sidewalk. As he passed them, the dude craned his neck around for a better look at the star, which made for an eerie recreation of the famous meme. Luckily, for those who missed the all-important moment, Twitter-user @StoicIDir uploaded a clip of the scene, to the delight of many.

In a recent interview about his meme, Antonio Guillem stated: "Because we were having a great sales response to our work, we decided to take a few risks planning a session representing the infidelity concept in relationships in a playful and fun way.

"As I always work with the same models, it was quite easy to create the situation even though it was quite challenging to achieve face expressions that were believable. Mainly, because we always have a really great work atmosphere and almost all the time one of the models was laughing while we were trying to take the picture."

Meanwhile, the model who played the girlfriend stated: "For me, it was a curious and funny photo shoot, especially when we had to make the photos like the meme, more humorous. When people saw us simulate those scenes in the street, they stopped to look and laugh - in my case, I had to have a more serious face. I had a hard time keeping it."