Jamie Lynn Spears opens up about her daughter's ATV accident for the first time

Jamie Lynn Spears opens up about her daughter's ATV accident for the first time

Jamie Lynn Spears, the country singer and sister of pop superstar Britney Spears, has opened up about the tragic car accident her daughter suffered, three years ago, for the very first time.

Jamie Lynn's eight-year-old daughter Maddie was left hospitalized when the quad bike she was driving flipped into a pond. Luckily, the local ambulance service was able to rescue her before she drowned, and Maddie later made a full recovery. But the Spears family has not spoken about the traumatic incident until now.

Sharing a picture of her daughter to Instagram from when she was in the hospital, Jamie Lynn wrote: "3 years ago today, Super Bowl Sunday fell on February 5th, and I’ll never forget that, because it was the day my whole world stopped."

She continued: "It started like most Sunday’s, going to church, visiting family, to suddenly trying to save my daughters life, to them taking her away, to us believing we had lost her forever, and it literally felt like the world stood still around me. I have never spoken fully in detail about that day, and the events that followed, but what I will share is that God blessed us with a true miracle. [sic]"

Take a look at this news report on the accident below: 

She added: "Maddie not only stayed here with us, but she made a full recovery. I know so many of you prayed so hard for us, so I will never let this day pass without thanking each of you for every single prayer you said for us, and I hope you all know we do not take this huge blessing we were given for granted, because most are not as fortunate, and we are fully aware of that horrible and unfair fact. [sic]"

Maddie was in critical condition following the accident but managed to return to school a couple of months later, and the two paramedics who saved her were invited to attend her ninth birthday party.

Spears concluded: "I am filled with gratitude today, and everyday, even on the bad days, because even those days are a gift, that so many others would give anything for just to have their loved ones back."

She added: "Let’s all be thankful for the tiny miracles in our lives everyday, that we may take for granted, because it could all change in a second. Thank y’all for always being there for me and my family, we appreciate you and love you so much. [sic]"