Jason Momoa reveals that he's ditching his incredibly intense 'Aquaman' diet

Jason Momoa reveals that he's ditching his incredibly intense 'Aquaman' diet

Jason Momoa is in pretty good shape, isn't he?

Regardless of whether you know him as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones or even on Stargate Atlantis (now there's a blast from the past), Momoa is emerging as one of the more bankable movie stars around at the moment, and he owes no small part of that to his star turn as Aquaman, not to mention the bod he shows off in that movie.

Once Momoa whipped his shirt off in the early stages of Justice League, women (and some men too) were in awe of the incredible physique shown off by the actor. But as you might imagine, it was pretty hard work, and now that Aquaman's out in cinemas and he doesn't have to film anymore, he's going on one heck of a cheat binge.

Cast of Aquaman Credit: Getty

Speaking to E!, Momoa revealed the hard work he had to do to get into shape for Aquaman, and also explained that because of his body type, keeping himself that well-defined required a lot of starving. "I had to not really eat as much to stay lean," he explained.

"I'm Hawaiian—if we eat, we just get big. So, genetically, it's hard for me to get trim. You deplete yourself of carbs, so I had a harder time getting lean. I'd rather just get big. I'm not a fan of doing abs. It's tough...You can't drink beer!"

That sounds... not fun, does it? Momoa's trainer, Stuart Walton, went into a little more detail about his Aquaman diet in an interview with LiveStrong earlier this year.

"No foods were off limit, nor do they need to be," Walton said, explaining that Momoa would fuel up on carbs before a workout - fruit in the morning, quinoa or rice in the evening - and mix in plenty of protein and fat (usually in the form of salmon, steak, avocados and olive oil) for the perfect macronutrient balance.

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But now that filming's wrapped and Momoa can properly enjoy a well-deserved rest, he says he's going back to what he enjoys, and for the moment, that means staying away from the weights and eating a heck of a lot of carbs. "I haven't touched a weight in nine months," he said. "I'm just eating bread and butter! Every day is a cheat day!"

But while he's enjoying being off the diet, Jason Momoa revealed to E! that once he saw himself playing Aquaman on the big screen, he realised that all of that hard work had paid of rather handsomely. "My first experience putting that suit on was looking at [Aquaman director] James Wan, and he was so excited," Momoa explains.

"It's a beautiful suit. I think James, it was a big concern of his to get that right. Obviously, I wanted it right, but he wanted it in this movie and he killed it. The moment [I] walk out, it's a beautiful reveal. Walk out through a waterfall and slam a trident down? That was pretty cool."

Jason Momoa Credit: Getty

Sound cool? It is: catch Aquaman in cinemas starting December 21, and once you're there, you can really appreciate the work Jason Momoa's done to bring the character to life. I think he deserves a little bit of a rest, don't you?