Jason Momoa throwing axes for charity will make you feel unbelievably thirsty

Jason Momoa throwing axes for charity will make you feel unbelievably thirsty

Ever since he first appeared on Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa has been a thirst-magnet for people across the globe. And now, eight years on, it seems he has only improved with age.

In order to show off just how true that is, the Aquaman star wooed the studio audience - and probably most of the viewers at home - during an appearance on the Ellen Show this week. He chatted with the host about his iconic Oscars afterparty look (which showed him going shirtless a la Khal Drogo), his recent escapades with his missing pet snake, and his decision to shave off his beard (which has thankfully grown back now).

But, this being the Ellen show, Momoa wasn't going to get away with just sitting down for some inane chit-chat. Nope, instead, the host got the 39-year-old to flaunt his axe-throwing skills.

You can see (and swoon over) him in action here:

During the segment, Ellen tested her guest's strength and accuracy by challenging him to hit the target in order to raise money for a Hawaii-based organisation aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste. He was only expected to raise $10,000, but knocked the target way out of the park and ended up securing a whopping $31,000 donation for the charity.

It's fair to say fans on Twitter were pretty enamoured by the whole segment.

This is actually the same non-profit he raised money for when he ditched his Drogo beard.

Here's the emotional moment we lost one of GoT's most beloved characters, Momoa's facial hair:

Throwing axes, shaving his face... is there anything this guy *can't* make sexy? Nope, didn't think so.