Jenna Jameson shares side-by-side bikini photo with a message about 'swimsuit season'

Jenna Jameson shares side-by-side bikini photo with a message about 'swimsuit season'

Adult film star Jenna Jameson shared a side-by-side bikini photo with her followers on Instagram to make an important point about "swimsuit season".

Around this time last year, Jameson embarked upon a weight loss journey by adopting the keto diet, and each Tuesday, she updates her followers on her changing body in what she tags a #transformationtuesday.

This week, Jenna Jameson had her usual inspiring bikini selfie, but she also had a wonderful message for all the women out there, as spring gets into full swing and summer is just around the corner. "Here’s a bit of advice that can be a hard pill to swallow," Jameson wrote, and continued with a post about about the unique pressures that women can face during swimsuit season.

"It’s almost swimsuit season, and I wholeheartedly believe in embracing what you’re working with and stop feeling ashamed about your current body type. For all of us women, it’s SO difficult to participate in “swimming activities for fear of judgement from others."

Jameson talked in detail about the anxiety she used to feel when the time came for her to go swimming, and all the self consciousness that can sometimes come with wearing swimwear - especially if that swimwear is revealing.

"Looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have skipped out on beach days when I knew I’d see friends, or when I’d wear a full length sun dress to the pool. I remember feeling anxiety walking around the pool after Batelli, knowing my cellulite was shaking."

But Jenna Jameson learned that a lot of that self-consciousness was in her head, and told her 419,000 followers that we should all make a greater effort to be happy with ourselves as we are.

"But I guarantee you no one cared, only me. I hope that you realize you’re beautiful and your effort to get healthy doesn’t go unnoticed. So, yes, take this health journey with me, but also know that you’re f**king perfect the way you are!"

Here's Jenna Jameson showing off her body to her Instagram followers:

It's a wonderful, heartwarming message to send out to followers even as Jameson goes on this weight loss journey, and in the comments, there was plenty of support for the film star from other women going through similar journeys.

Instagram user @mama.puckett  said: "I’m 6 months pp [post-pregnancy] and I wish my tummy was close to as tight as yours 😭 I use you as inspiration every day. I look forward to your posts. Thank you." Meanwhile, user @lisasilvaphotography hit the nail on the head with her comment:

"I feel this so hard. We allow how good or bad we look to dictate our happiness (guilty🙋🏻‍♀️) and I can’t count the things that I’ve missed out on or not be able to fully be present in the moment for because I didn’t feel like I looked the part. It’s so silly when you think about it!"

Weight loss can be a massive challenge at the best of times. But Jenna Jameson is here to tell us that even as swimsuit season rolls around, we shouldn't be ashamed of how we look in a swimsuit, and be happy with our bodies and ourselves as much as we can.