Jennifer Lopez reveals her struggles with her intense new '10-day challenge'

Jennifer Lopez reveals her struggles with her intense new '10-day challenge'

Guys, have you seen Jennifer Lopez recently?! While most of us normals are growing wrinkly and getting older with a degree of grace, Lopez is seemingly ageing backwards, and it's kind of terrifying to witness. This summer, the American singer will turn 50, but check her Instagram and you'd swear she was 23, so in shape is JLo.

You know what? I think I'll have that extra cookie with lunch. Might as well.

JLo may be close to zero percent body fat, but she's 100 percent commitment as well, and one thing you can't say about Mrs Lopez is that she doesn't work hard to get where she is with her body, and with her life as well.

But as you might imagine, it's not easy looking that good all the time. Trust me: I know, and Jennifer Lopez's struggles with her latest dieting challenge proves that contrary to popular belief, she might be human after all.

If you're familiar with Jennifer Lopez and her lifestyle, then you'll know that she takes her dieting and her workout super seriously; sticking to organic food, and hitting the gym harder than she hits those high notes on any of her hit songs.

Jennifer Lopez Credit: Getty

But as we all trudge to the gym in an attempt to get on her level as part of our New Year's Resolutions, JLo and her baseball star husband Aaron Rodriguez are somehow taking things a step further. If you're paying attention to JLo and/or ARod's Instagram stories, you'll notice that the couple are undertaking something called a 10-day challenge.

That is, ladies and gentlemen, going 10 days without carbs of any kind; no quinoa, no brown rice, nothing. Just protein, veggies, and healthy oils. Organic, of course. Yikes. And from the pictures, you can see they're giving it quite a bit of a go.

Here, we see the power couple challenging you to do the same, but the chocolate bar I'm eating as I'm writing this says I won't be able to keep up. No wonder, either; JLo revealed that even she's struggling with it, opening up to her Instagram followers and revealing that no carbs is actually "harder than I thought".

"So it turns out when you don't have sugar and you don't have carbs you're really, really hungry all the time."

Yup, JLo and ARod are being pushed to their limits on this one folks, no doubt about it. In order to creatively conquer their carb cravings, this romantic and fitness couple are looking to "figure out a lot of really good snacks" to help them get through those tough times.

Jennifer Lopez diet Credit: Instagram

JLo shared a plate of such snacks, which includes sugar-free Jello, canned tuna (which has a ton of protein), and raw vegetables. Delicious. It's not all butterflies and rainbows looking like JLo, and to be honest, when you see how much she suffers for it, you kind of have to give my girl a lot of credit for how easy she makes it look.