Jessica Simpson is being mom-shamed after sharing picture of her daughter

Jessica Simpson is being mom-shamed after sharing picture of her daughter

When it comes to sharing your parenting experience on social media, you have to be wary. Giving the general public an insight into your private life, particularly when it comes to child-rearing, can be a double-edged sword.

In many ways, social media can be a useful tool for new parents who are struggling, and looking for advice from other parents. But unfortunately, there's a dark side to it all.

Yes, mom-shaming (and dad-shaming) is rampant on the internet, and it seems as though there are plenty of amateur paediatricians out there who are only too happy to call out what they think is bad parenting, and diagnose kids with every issue under the sun as a result of perceived parental negligence.

Even celebrities aren't safe from this kind of criticism. In fact, their large following on social media seems to make them a big target for certain people.

Case in point: this week, singer, actress, and fashion designer Jessica Simpson was criticised on social media after she shared a photo of her daughter which proved controversial among commenters.

The trouble started after Simpson posted an image of her daughter, Maxwell, on Instagram, which showed the adorable seven-year-old sitting in a chair surrounded by stylists at Nine Zero One Salon.

The little girl was having the ends of her hair dyed, and some people seemed to think she was too young to go through that kind of procedure. For instance, one commenter wrote: "So young its a shame," while another chimed in: "Isn’t she too young to have her hair dyed?"

So is Maxwell too young for dyeing and bleaching? Perhaps. Speaking to Good Housekeeping, dermatologist Dr Margarita Lolis stated: "The chemicals are harsh and can damage hair. Ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and a chemical known as paraphenylenediamine that's commonly used in permanent hair dye can cause very bad reactions."

Ultimately, however, it's up to Jessica - as Maxwell's mother - to make the final call. But please folks, do remember to perform a patch test beforehand to check for allergies.