Jim Carrey slams Louis CK for his remarks about school shooting survivors

Jim Carrey slams Louis CK for his remarks about school shooting survivors

Jim Carrey is best known for his stand-up comedy and roles in both in drama and (mostly) comedic movies, but in recent years he's taken up a different hobby: painting.

In a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter in August last year, Carrey spoke about the way he approached acting when he started out. "My plan was not to join Hollywood, it was to destroy it," Carrey said. "Like, take a gigantic sledgehammer to the leading man and to all the serious­ness."

And with his painting, it looks like he's taken a familiar path, using it as a creative outlet for his frustrations:

"I just didn’t want to be in the business anymore. I didn’t like what was happening, the corporations taking over and all that. And maybe it’s because I felt pulled toward a different type of creative outlet and I really liked the control of painting — of not having a committee in the way telling me what the idea must be to appeal to a four-quadrant whatever."

Carrey surprised many by jumping into hot political issues with his artwork, making all sorts of bold statements, with a wide range of negative and positive responses to his work. Many of these satirical pieces take aim at the Trump administration:

And he hasn't been silent about the many school shootings that have occurred in the United States, and has criticised both the NRA and Trump for their views on gun legislation.

From these paintings, it's pretty clear what Jim Carrey's views are on the push for stricter gun control, which has been spearheaded by survivors of the Parkland school shooting. So it's no surprise to learn that he wasn't too happy when Louis CK recently mocked these survivors in a leaked stand-up comedy routine.

Louis CK has been out of the public eye for several months after various women accused him of sexual misconduct, after he forced several women into locked rooms with him, masturbated, and reportedly blackballed those in the industry who made accusations. He later admitted that he had, in fact, done what he has been accused of, taking a step back - until his controversial return to the stage in August.

louis ck Credit: Getty

An audio clip from one of his recent performances revealed that he had mocked both transgender individuals and victims of school shootings. In one distasteful comment, he said:

"You’re not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot. Why does that mean I have to listen to you? Why does that make you interesting? You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way, and now I’ve got to listen to you talking?"

Needless to say, many took issue with his comments, including school shooting survivors and the family of those killed.

Carrey has now taken aim at the comedian for his comments, making it clear that he sees the stand-up as insignificant compared to vocal Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez.

And, for those that missed it:

Carrey has made his opinions very clear in the past, but this may be the first time he's taken aim at a fellow comedian. One thing's for sure, he's not afraid to speak his mind.