Jimmel Kimmel's latest round of 'Mean Tweets' tears into Pink, Tyga, Miley Cyrus and Nickelback

Jimmel Kimmel's latest round of 'Mean Tweets' tears into Pink, Tyga, Miley Cyrus and Nickelback

The internet is fruitful in many ways. It has completely changed how we communicate with our loved ones or share significant events with the rest of the world. However, it's also full of a lot of not-so-nice people. This is the human race, after all, and history shows that we can do some pretty dumb and harmful things.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter not only amplify what we're really like, but also give us the distance and anonymity to say what we really feel with relatively few consequences. After all, think about all the people you see every day, moaning about or otherwise insulting celebrities and public figures, when in real life they'd probably shake their hand politely and tell them they're a huge fan of their work.

Maybe the weirdest thing about all of this is that celebrities actually have their own social media accounts, often run by the person themselves. Sure, if you send a tweet over to Miley Cyrus you'll probably get lost in a sea of mentions, but whatever you say is still out there for someone to find.

Someone on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team had the bright idea of finding some of the most insulting tweets out there (that are still semi-readable on the air) as a segment on the show, and they've led to someone pretty damn funny reactions. After all, this is one of the most well-known and popular late night talk show hosts out there, so he knows how to get some big names in the seat, reading the most ridiculous tweets.

This time, to coincide with the American Music Awards, the 'Mean Tweets' segment of the show brought in some popular celebs from the world of music. We  have the likes of Miley Cyrus, Pink, Jason Derulo, Jason Mraz, Gwen Stefani, Dua Lipa, Halsey. Even Elvis Costello showed up.

There are a pretty diverse range of reactions here, from Miley's flipping the bird to Pink's jokey response, but they all seemed to be taking it in good fun. Which is hard, when some of these tweets were mean as hell. I don't know if I could laugh off someone insulting me like that, with a camera pointed at my face.

Nickelback have become a punchline in the music scene for quite some time now - with all the memes in the world made about them. In all honesty, it's probably down to the stupendous amount of airtime they got on the radio back in the day, played so many times it could've made us sick of anything.

But they can clearly take a joke, as evidenced in Chad Kroeger's excellent self-deprecating comeback. And, even if you're in love with his music, I think that Jason Mraz being described as "the unofficial soundtrack for s**t BBQs" is just too perfect.

The AMAs themselves had their own moments that are worth checking out, some of which are awkward as hell...