John Cena's 'mystery woman' finally revealed after the pair were spotted on a night out together

John Cena's 'mystery woman' finally revealed after the pair were spotted on a night out together

It's been nearly a year, folks, since John Cena broke up with Nikki Bella, back in the heady summer months of 2018. After proposing to his fellow wrestler at Wrestlemania 33 having been together for six years, we thought these two were forever, but such is life, I suppose. But hold on - who's this new girl?!

Last week, John Cena was pictured with a mystery woman out in Vancouver, as reported by - you guessed it - TMZ. Not only were the two spotted hand-in-hand, but they'd reportedly just enjoyed a four-hour date together. So, it's fair to say they got on pretty well.

But a mere seven days later, we know now who she is - and she's a whole different kettle of fish from Nikki Bella.

That's right, folks, John Cena appears to be definitively moving on from Nikki Bella, E! News revealed that the wrestler turned actor is hanging out with the Canadian Shay Shariatzadeh. Shariatzadeh, according to E! News, is currently a project manager at Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions tech company.

This was the emotional moment Nikki and Cena's relationship came to an end:

She's been there since about 2015, and - as far as we know - is yet to perform a wrestling move of any kind on anybody while at work. According to her LinkedIn page, Shariatzadeh performs a whole range of marketing duties for her company, and she loves every second of it.

"I love technology and people! I excel at building rapport with customers, determining market needsand translating those into engineering requirements so we can build successful products that people love."

Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada, Shariatzadeh says her interest in engineering and tech was first piqued when she was a little girl, when her brother brought home a rather interesting project.

"I have always enjoyed math and physics. My brother studied engineering in school, and I remember one day he came home with a project and it was an autonomous car — and that was it!" 

Now news of John Cena's new love has spread, one person who's not going to be completely thrilled is Nikki Bella. Despite moving on with Dancing with the Stars pro partner Artem Chigvintsev, Bella admitted during an episode of Total Bellas that watching her ex-fiancé move on would be difficult.

"No matter what, the next time I see him with someone it’s going to kill me. I still have a long way to go. But honestly, I’m ready for a new me. I need it. You know what I feel like I need to do? I need to start living as if I don’t care whether it’s my ex or anyone else watching me and afraid to hurt their feelings."

John Cena Nikki Bella Credit: Getty

It's never easy to lose someone that you care about - especially if you've been with them for as long as John Cena and Nikki Bella have been together. But now that they've both managed to find someone new to spend time with, maybe this is the moment that both of them can begin to properly heal, and hopefully move on to better things in their lives.