Jordyn Woods speaks out for the first time since the Tristan Thompson cheating rumours broke

Jordyn Woods speaks out for the first time since the Tristan Thompson cheating rumours broke

Relationships can be messy and awkward to navigate at the very best of times, but when things start to go wrong, it's all too easy for the wheels to come off completely. There's no good way to end a relationship, but cheating on your partner is surely on of the worst possible ways to do it.

It's arguably worse, I think, if the person you cheat with is already a decent part of the life you've inadvertently helped to wreck.

As you must probably know by now, Jordyn Woods was spotted getting way too close to Tristan Thompson at a house party, with some outlets reporting that the model left Thompson's place at around seven o'clock the next morning.

As a result, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are reportedly calling it quits, with this being the last straw in a veritable haystack of infidelity from the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player, and Jordyn Woods has moved out of Kylie Jenner's place, where they were living together as best friends.

The Kardashian family have all taken their turn to cryptically show their disapproval on social media, from Kim's subtle activity on Instagram, to Kylie's sad selfies, all the way to Khloé's even sadder Instagram posts. Tristan Thompson briefly posted to Twitter about "FAKE NEWS" before thinking better of it.

But now, it's the turn of Jordyn Woods to speak up about her role in all of this. The 21-year-old appeared in public on Thursday night for the launch party of her new eyelash range with the cosmetics brand Eylure, and while she easily could have kept her head down and focused on business, she faced things head on.

Yep, Jordyn Woods appeared to address the cheating scandal in her speech, managing to crack a smile in what must be a stressful time. Getting up on the mic to address a crowd who surely knew what was going on, she said: "Through everything that's been going on, you know it's been real, and Eylure has been super real."

Although she didn't drop a truth bomb or anything like that, behind closed doors, sources say that Jordyn Woods is feeling super broken up by the entire scandal. A source told PEOPLE that Jordyn was feeling "really distraught" had been trying to hold out an olive branch to the KarJenners over her role in the drama.

"Jordyn has been trying to reach out to Khloé, Kylie and everyone else in the family to apologize. She wants to apologize and make everything right... She’s completely remorseful. She spent the whole night crying with her mom and sister."

Jordyn Woods Credit: Getty

The drama rolls on - now, we've heard from Jordyn, Kylie and Khloé, while Kim has been behind the scenes making her feelings known as well. It's clearly a stressful time for all involved.