Justin Bieber fans think they have ‘evidence’ that his ultrasound pictures are fake

Justin Bieber fans think they have ‘evidence’ that his ultrasound pictures are fake

As a kid, April Fool's Day is a lot of fun. I remember taping down the trigger of the sprayer on the kitchen sink, so when my mom turned the faucet, she got blasted with water. Hilarious! (To me, anyway.)

However, as an adult, April Fool's Day can be kind of irritating. When people announce on social media that they're moving away, getting married or having a baby, you have to be pretty suspicious.

So, fans were skeptical today when Justin Bieber posted an ultrasound image on Twitter. Nearly all the comments are pointing out the date - April Fool's Day. Nice try, Justin!

In the comments, Justin Bieber's wife, Hailey Baldwin, wrote "Very funny." Fans thought that confirmed the pregnancy announcement was a joke.

But , plot twist! Bieber followed that up with another photo, which appears to show Hailey Baldwin in the doctor's office, getting the ultrasound.

Some fans on social media congratulated the Beebz on becoming a father, while others insisted this is all just an April Fool's joke.

However, it looks like one fan got to the bottom of the mystery. Twitter user @tellmeulovebri wrote, "everyone’s freaking out cause “justin bieber is having a baby” but i found the ultrasound pic he posted in two seconds LMFAO." Indeed, the photo is taken from the Wikipedia page for ultrasound. Learn to internet, Justin!

Private investigator @tellmeulovebri followed that revelation up with another one: In the photo of Hailey Baldwin "receiving an ultrasound," the IV is not even connected to her.

Well, some people were fooled for a couple seconds, at least? Next time, try something more clever, Justin - like taping down the trigger on the sprayer on the kitchen sink. Hilarious!