Justin Theroux took his pit bull to watch 'Lady and the Tramp' with him and eat spaghetti

Justin Theroux took his pit bull to watch 'Lady and the Tramp' with him and eat spaghetti

Lady and the Tramp is one of Disney's most famous and beloved movies. Rather than adapt a fairy tale, this film tells an adorable romantic story that kids and adults can both enjoy, featuring a cast of canines.

As part of their recent slew of live-action remakes, Disney decided to make a version of Lady and the Tramp, starring the voices of Hollywood celebrities, alongside the performances of real-life rescue dogs.

Watch the trailer for the Lady and the Tramp remake right here: 

Men in Black: International and Thor: Ragnarok actress, Tessa Thompson, stars as Lady, while Justin Theroux provides the voice of Tramp. The premiere of the movie was this week, and Justin brought a very special guest along with him to watch it: his rescued pit bull, Kuma.

Yes, Kuma sat with Justin in the cinema and watched the movie in the seat right next to him, and Justin was only too happy to share the experience with his many social media followers.

An image of Justin Theroux's dog. Credit: Instagram/@justintheroux

As if that wasn't enough, Justin also provided us all with a doggie commentary, writing down what Kuma apparently thought of the movie. For instance, at one point Kuma apparently thought: "Wait dogs?!!!! This whole movie is dogs???! We can go because my review is it's a masterpiece, we don't even need to finish it, but I'm going to. [sic]"

An image of Justin Theroux and his dog. Credit: Instagram/@justintheroux

Later on, it appeared as though Justin was getting quite weepy, with Kuma noting: "Your eyes look like they peed all over your cheeks? Maybe i take you out to dinner tonight. [sic]"

So how did man and dog cheer up after the emotional movie? Well, they decided to go to an Italian restaurant and re-enact the famous spaghetti-eating scene from the original film.

Have a look at the iconic spaghetti scene from the original movie:

The Lady and the Tramp remake also stars Sam Elliot as Trusty. Ashley Jensen as Jock, Janelle Monae as Peg, and Benedict Wong as Bull. The movie was directed by Charlie Bean, and will premiere on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, which will debut in November of 2019.