Kaley Cuoco posts stunning fresh-faced zero makeup selfie and fans are loving her for it

Kaley Cuoco posts stunning fresh-faced zero makeup selfie and fans are loving her for it

When you only see the perfectly-PR-managed side of celebrities, it's easy to imagine that they all have some kind of special superpower, and simply look that glamourous and stunning 24/7.

That's why when a celebrity shows what they look like when the cameras aren't trained on them, rather than their best red carpet look, fans lap it up. Lately, makeup-free selfies have become a popular trend, with many celebrities taking to social media to share pics of themselves without cosmetics.

Take a look at this video of Kaley Cuoco participating in an intense workout routine:

For instance, this week former Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco posted a stunning zero makeup selfie to her Instagram account, and her fans are loving her for it.

Kaley has been in Italy for the filming of her new show The Flight Attendant and posted on her Instagram Stories that she'd discovered (to her horror) that her crew had put a dysfunctional Nespresso machine in her hotel room.

An image of Kaley Cuoco. Credit: Instagram/kaleycuoco

Kaley, who had been up all night and was seriously-sleep deprived, took a selfie video of herself, jet-lagged and makeup-free. She captioned the story: "Instant coffee nightmare: I need coffee."

Credit: Instagram/Kaley Cuoco

She later posted an update the next day, after she'd managed to get some shut-eye and do her makeup. Wearing a black-piped gray t-shirt and holding a cup of coffee, she stated to camera: "I'm drinking a real cup of coffee this morning and I'm so happy. I also slept, like, 47 hours."

In a previous interview with Popsugar, Kaley opened up about the importance of her skincare routine, stating: "I had acne as a teen, and it made me so insecure to be on camera. Not a good thing when you are on a television series."