Kaley Cuoco shares stunning no-makeup selfie and fans are obsessed

Kaley Cuoco shares stunning no-makeup selfie and fans are obsessed

Celebrities have a great effect on their passionate fans, even when they're not aware of it. Unconsciously or not, it's hard not to see the fitness, health and looks of the rich and famous and compare ourselves to it.

When you've got a professional chef on hand to make all your meals and a personal trainer to make sure you get in perfect shape, it's an entirely different situation - and presenting that as something achievable to everyone is a little misleading.

Here's Kaley embarking on a super intense gym workout recently:

That's why when a celebrity shows their real day-to-day side, rather than their best red carpet look, it can lift a little of the weight of expectation from people's shoulders. No makeup selfies are an easy way to do this, sometimes done to make a point, and other times just a relaxed candid look into their lives.

Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory, is the latest celeb to jump on the trend - sharing a glimpse of her home life on her Instagram story. While she was playing fetch outside with her dogs, she took a selfie in the sun, starring one of her lovable pooches.

kaley cuoco instagram makeup free selfie Credit: Instagram/@kaleycuoco

In Cuoco's case, going makeup-free for a selfie may mean even more - given how she thought of her skin throughout her life. "I had acne as a teen, and it made me so insecure to be on camera," she told Popsugar. "Not a good thing when you are on a television series."

As well as being open about struggling with skincare in the past, she recently posted another no makeup selfie in which she said she hadn't been able to share one due to some recent trouble with her skin. Now, with a new skin treatment, she's happy to share.

kaley cuoco makeup free selfie Credit: Instagram/@kaleycuoco

Hopefully, this new treatment works out for her - and she can share what she's tried out with any of her fans who are facing similar skin 'drama'.

Cuoco is currently gearing up for the series finale of The Big Bang Theory, which is reaching its end after 12 seasons and 275 episodes.