Kanye West casually admitted that having daughters hasn't stopped him from visiting 'adult' websites

Kanye West casually admitted that having daughters hasn't stopped him from visiting 'adult' websites

Kanye West has never been afraid of a little controversy. There was the time he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Awards, saying Beyoncé should've won it, plus all the times he's backed a bunch of dubious conspiracy theories. Most recently, he ruffled feathers by showing his support for President Donald Trump, uploading a MAGA hat selfie to Twitter and tweeting that Trump was his "energy dragon" brother.

The rapper, producer and fashion designer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, and he chatted about all manner of things with the host for a 20-minute interview. He spoke about mental health, overcoming fear, his life motivations and... his porn habits.

Sitting in a relaxed position with his arms crossed, Kanye mused at one point about how his tendencies to visit Pornhub to... you know... haven't changed since having daughters. He brought it up on his own accord when Jimmy asked Kanye whether having daughters - North and newborn Chi - had changed his "attitude towards women".

I mean, there are heaps of ways you could answer this question, but Kanye answered simply (and maybe a little bluntly) with: "Nah, I still look at Pornhub."

Righto... Most people know that most of the content on Pornhub - or any adult media site for that matter - tends to have pretty crude content often with a misogynistic slant. Most porn is focused on males having more "fun" than the female performers, which helps perpetuate the idea that sex is mainly for the man's enjoyment.

In any case, it seems his own values about the objectification of women in that regard haven't changed much since North and Chi came into his life, and he proceeded to then talk about his favourite porn categories.

"Let's break down the porn categories," the 41-year-old volunteered. "A lot of black on white obviously... my own reality."

You can watch that particular segment of the 20-minute interview from about 13:20 onwards.

While his comments didn't seem to amuse everyone, it seems Kanye still came out the winner - the interview earning him a lifetime's worth of free premium Pornhub privileges, courtesy of the site.

"We want to extend our appreciation to a Mr. @kanyewest for his loyalty to us over the years," the official account tweeted. "A gift in the form of a free lifetime premium membership. Here's to you, Ye."

The conversation had several other "uhh, did he really just say that?" moments, including when he implied that he thought his wife Kim Kardashian might hook up with Trump when she met him at the White House a little while ago, saying: "Well, he is a player."

Another odd moment came about when Kanye was talking about why he supports Trump, saying it's less about his policies and more about his personality. But then, Jimmy brought up another controversial event from Kanye's past, saying: "You’ve so famously and so powerfully said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people'. It makes me wonder: What makes you think that Donald Trump does, or any people at all?”

To that, Kanye appeared stumped. He stayed silent for four seconds, and when it seemed he had nothing to say, Jimmy had no choice but to cut to a commercial break. The question wasn't revisited again.

Kanye, it's always a ride.