Kat Von D responds to criticism following 'blackout' arm tattoo

Kat Von D responds to criticism following 'blackout' arm tattoo

It's no secret that Kat Von D, best known for her work as a tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show LA Ink, loves her tats. But considering she got her first when she was just 14, there are obviously some that the now-37-year-old has outgrown.

And it's for that reason that Kat Von D (real name: Katherine Von Drachenberg) decided to cover up some of the older inkings on her left forearm with a blackout tattoo - which is when an area on the body is covered in pure jet black ink.

Proud of her new body artwork, she posted a video to Instagram showing it off in all its glory:

"I'm so in love with my new blacked out arm," the beauty mogul wrote in the caption.

And many of her followers praised Kat for the new look:

"It looks SO GOOD," one user wrote.

"Don't like blacked out tattoos but this is amazing," another fan commented.

Unfortunately, the artist's new inking also provoked a decidedly negative response from many of her followers.

"Nobody else thinks it's stupid when someone black out there arm or leg," a fan wrote.

"Why would you do that your skin is so pretty why would you cover it up with black ink like that?" another user wrote, adding, "No hate though I'm just curious."

Another said: "That is horrid, but to each their own."

Kat then decided to respond to the criticism in the comments, writing: "PS. it’s all good if you don’t like my tattoo, because I do! I had so many old crappy tattoos that over the years I tried lasering, then covered up that it just felt like a blurry mess. Having it all blacked out so beautifully looks so clean and smooth and I love that! It’s not for everybody, but I’m just so grateful that artists like @hoode215 exist and are masters of their craft!"

In a second post, she addressed the situation in further detail: