Keanu Reeves bought an ice cream just to sign the receipt for a fan

Keanu Reeves bought an ice cream just to sign the receipt for a fan

Keanu Reeves has been famous ever since the Bill & Ted days, but his career was definitely reinvigorated recently by the likes of the John Wick series, which went from cult action favourite to runaway success over the last few years.

The man himself seems to charm pretty much everyone he comes across, with even casual comments going viral with his dedicated fanbase.

Outside of the movies he makes or the late-night talk shows he appears on for interviews, Reeves has found himself celebrated for small acts of kindness and humility. Back in March he entertained a group of people who were stranded in the airport, and travelled down with them to LA rather than catching the next flight.

Now he's got another Bill & Ted adventure on the way:

Now, yet another small story has made its way online, after one Twitter user described a meeting he had with the actor in 2001.

James Dator, who writes for sports network SB Nation, recounted how he had met Reeves when working at a movie thatre in Sydney, Australia as a teenager.

Dator, who was 16 at the time, described how he tried to trick Reeves into giving him his autograph, but when that failed - Keanu turned around and found another way to give him one and make his day.

At first, things didn't go so well.

But that's when things turned around, and the story became one I'm sure he's been telling at parties ever since

The Twitter thread soon went viral, with the original tweet amassing nearly 20,000 retweets and over 50,000 likes. Not only that, but a lot of Keanu fans came out to show their respect for the actor.

Even LeVarr Burton was impressed.

Think that's the end of Keanu's everyday lovability? Well - you probably haven't seen the video where he offers his seat on the subway to another person, which you can see here:

As far as Hollywood celebs go, Reeves seems pretty down to Earth - which must be pretty hard to pull of when there are people running entire conventions about you.

Yep, that's right - there's an event called 'Keanucon', and you could tag along if you're a hardcore fan.