Keanu Reeves spots sign left by fan, immediately jumps out of car to leave adorable note on it

Keanu Reeves spots sign left by fan, immediately jumps out of car to leave adorable note on it

Just in case you've been taking temporary leave on the moon for the past six months or so, Keanu Reeves is very much the darling of the universe right now.

The sweet, respectful king - as fans began calling him after noticing that he doesn't touch women in photographs - is enjoying a career 'Keanuissance' the likes of which is probably unparalleled in modern culture. From the bad*ss brilliance of the John Wick movies, to unlikely roles such as playing a version of himself in Netflix hit Always be my Maybe, Keanu is back, in a big, big way.

Keanu Reeves in action in Always Be My Maybe:

Stories of his kind, humble nature are well known by now, and it is my great pleasure to add another such tale to the legend of Keanu, after Ed Solomon - writer of all three Bill and Ted movies - took to Twitter to share a spontaneous moment that showed Reeves at his best once more.

Posting two photos - one of a handmade sign, and another of Reeves writing his own personal note on the sign - Solomon wrote "So yesterday this sign was out on a lawn on the way to set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did this".

Per CNN, Stacy Hunt had heard that Keanu was in town filming for Bill and Ted 3 just up the street from where she lives, and so her 16-year-old son Ethan suggested they leave a sign in order to welcome the legendary actor to the neighbourhood.

And so, Hunt created the sign, which reads "You're Breathtaking" - a reference to a now famous moment at e3 not so long ago.

Here's the video that the sign is referring to, where Keanu calls e3 fans "breathtaking:

According to CNN, Keanu signed the sign with his own message "Stacey, you're breathtaking!" before posing for photos with Hunt and her sons. Hunt told CNN, "What you read about him being such a great person with a great heart is true.

"At least that's what I think from my few minutes with him."

And, naturally, the internet is in firm agreement.