Kelly Brook fires back over claims she edited this Instagram photo

Kelly Brook fires back over claims she edited this Instagram photo

When model Kelly Brook recently attended this year's Royal Ascot, she posed for a few photos alongside her boyfriend. Some of these photos made it onto the 38-year-old's Instagram, but once the original photo got out there - many of her fans had some questions.

Comparing the original image to the one she had chosen to show the world, many realised there had been some alterations made. After criticisms for the edits she made spread around, with some claiming she was altering her curves, Brook came out to defend herself.

However, rather than refuting the claims themselves, she has agreed that there were edits made - but not for the reasons many assumed.

According to Brook, the edits were actually made due to bad lighting and angles - as well as a creased dress. She posted a shot of her before and after photos, along with the caption:

"I smoothed out the Crease in My Dress because I was sitting in a car for 2 Hours and I took away any sign of Nippleage (they get pointy when I’m excited) etc!!

"Sometimes if the angle is unflattering I tweak (The Pic not my Nip) but it’s not because I don’t like my Curves! It’s just to make a picture taken at a bad angle with poor lighting Better!

"I’ll leave the Nips and Shadows in if you want?! I really don’t care either way. I was just bored on the way home so was playing with Some Apps. We all do it."

She opened up about her reasoning a little more during her appearance on the ITV talk show Loose Women, explaining that it was more about the look of the dress than any issue with her body. The model said:

"I’m on telly, people can see what I look like so it’s not like I’m really drastically changing how I look and I have put on weight as I’ve got older and I’m embracing being a bigger size.

"I’m not on a diet, I’m not telling other people to lose weight and this is the size you want to be.

"I was just trying to make the lines of the dress look a bit nicer, I really don’t overthink it."

According to Brook, wearing an expensive dress meant she was determined to make it look as good as possible in her photos. In a relatable description of the day, it turned out that the creases were really getting to her:

"I was in a car for two hours so I spent all this money on this lovely dress, spent hours getting ready and I sit in a car for two hours so when I’m having my picture taken I am thinking ‘Oh my dress is really creased and it was a little bit tight round the top part so I just thought I would smooth it out a little bit.’

"There are apps on my phone and I can just tweak it and make it look better."

However, she did add that she hadn't just altered it to take away the creases. "I got a bit carried away and I took my tummy in a little bit, I did do that," she said.

So after all that, she did eventually admit to altering her body in the photo, but doesn't believe there is any issue with the edits she made.