Kelly Ripa perfectly fires back after a troll criticized her vacation photo

Kelly Ripa perfectly fires back after a troll criticized her vacation photo

Though it may sound like a cushy set-up, being a celebrity with a big Instagram following isn't always a walk in the park. No matter what you do, or what you say, there will always be at least one social media troll just waiting for something they can react to. And of course, the more followers you have, the more trolls you'll attract.

Kelly Ripa, the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, is no stranger to this notion, as she has nearly two million fans on the picture-sharing platform. Most of them are just snaps of her husband, Mark Consuelos, and their three children (not something you'd think would lure out the hate-commenters), but still, she finds herself being a target for Insta naysayers.

In fact, in a recent selfie of herself and Consuelos, the All My Children star found herself being criticised for having the audacity to take a holiday with her family.

Several fans commented on the picture to criticise Ripa for taking time off from work, with one person saying, "She’s the only anchor with the whole summer off. She doesn’t work that hard to begin with."

Other people chipped in to agree, with many commenting that Ripa and others in her profession don't have to "work hard" to earn what they have. As one Insta user put it: "I love them to death but come on they work 1 hour day."

The star eventually clapped back, saying that people had got the wrong idea about how much time she takes off.

Meanwhile, others jumped in to defend the actress.

"Kelly works her butt off, takes care of her family, she takes good care of herself," said one 'grammer. "Everytime she's on vacation it's because she's earned it."

Another added:

"Wow some whiny trolls on here not all them but lets address its great show they do some parts live they also can take the show to other places. I am sure her bosses have cleared her vacation. Everyone needs time away from a tv show. What kelly is supposed to sit there everyday and intertain ya trolls do you can dump on her? The show runs mon to fri weekends off perfect 4 mini vacations. Pathetic that trolls are griping that the show is not live or kelly can have time off [sic]."

But that wasn't the only criticism people had.

Last week, Ripa shot down a troll who tried to come for the actress after she posted a picture congratulating her husband.

"Here’s a villain we can all get behind," she captioned the picture. "Congrats @instasuelos on your #choiceTVVillian nomination. (A phrase i never thought I’d say) Vote now!"

This prompted a particularly harsh response from one bitter follower: "Your husband should win by self promotion and on his talent. Not sure why you are constantly pushing your husband and this show on everyone."

However, Ripa wasn't just going to sit there and let it slide. "Not sure why you're here on my page, but we all feel sorry for your husband," she responded.

Moral of the story: don't come for Kelly Ripa, especially when her husband is involved.