Kendall Jenner has got everyone talking after sharing love letter from anonymous suitor

Kendall Jenner has got everyone talking after sharing love letter from anonymous suitor

Everybody loves a Christmas romance - and this year, we're happy to announce that you don't have to turn to Love Actually to watch seasonal sparks fly, because there's one very important love potentially blossoming in real life.

Who, you ask? Kendall Jenner and her secret admirer.

The supermodel recently took to social media to share a photo of a love letter she received from an anonymous suitor.

Uploading the picture to Instagram Stories, the 23-year-old made no comment on the note, instead choosing to let her potential sweetheart speak for him or her self.

Love letter to Kendall Jenner Credit: Getty

The letter was highly emotional, with the author deeply professing their love for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

"Dear Kendall," it begins. "We may be miles apart but my love for you grows stronger & stronger by the minute. My innermost feeling is love for you. I will love you until death separates us."

It continues: "Right now this separation is killing me, but in my heart I know that nothing could come close to separating us. We are united into one forever, body & soul and I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart."

The letter was signed "Love," but the name was crossed out, presumably by Kendall.

So, who could it be?

Kendall Jenner Credit: Getty

In the past few months, the model has been linked to NBA star Ben Simmons, but there has been no confirmation of the relationship and it's been claimed by an anonymous source that the two of them are in no rush to label the relationship, despite "seeing each other regularly".

"Kendall and Ben have been making more of an effort in their relationship recently and have been seeing each other regularly for the last month now," an insider said.

They continued: "Kendall really likes Ben and he has been keeping her attention. They try not to put stress or pressure on the relationship, but Kendall isn't actively seeing anyone else right now."

However, the pair were spotted just last week spending quality time together in Philadelphia at the Rothman Institute Ice Rink, suggesting the romance may be heating up.

In other Kendall news, last month she was granted a five-year restraining order against an alleged stalker named John Ford.

Kardashians and Jenners Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

The 37-year-old was arrested last month for reportedly trespassing on the Keeping up With The Kardashians star’s property, which he reportedly did four times in three months.

Now, per the stipulations of the restraining order, Ford may not be within 100 feet of Kendall, go near her house or have any direct or indirect contact with her.

In court records obtained by E! News, the 23-year-old star stated: "As a result of Mr. Ford's repeated stalking, I have suffered, and continue to suffer, emotional distress."

Let's hope the tides have turned for Kendall and her secret admirer brings her the Christmas romance she deserves.