Kendall Jenner reacts to Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's speedy engagement

Kendall Jenner reacts to Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's speedy engagement

There are some things in life that everyone has an opinion on, and one of these things is Justin Bieber's engagement.

The Love Yourself singer proposed to model Hailey Baldwin back in July after he had seemingly been with her for just a month. Their surprise union shocked Justin's fans, many of whom believed that they hadn't been together long enough to warrant an engagement.

But the question is, what does Kendall Jenner think about it all? She has been close friends with the What Do You Mean? star for years now, but not spoken out on his engagement since it was announced - until now, that is.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians icon gave her thoughts on the situation when she was asked on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Taking a fairly nonchalant approach to the announcement, she said: "Whatever makes them happy. I'm friends with both of them. Everybody's happy, that makes me happy."

In addition, the model fangirled over Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown in her interview on the show, admitting that she has a mutual admiration with the 14-year-old actress.

Last time Millie  - who plays Eleven on the hit Netflix original - was on The Tonight Show, she told the presenter that she was a big fan of the Kardashian family, saying: "Keeping up with the Kardashians all the way I love them I love them, I really do. I’m obsessed with them I follow them all on social media. I think that they are just like really great they’re so entertaining. And they have their own like language so instead of saying like I swear, they say bible."

In response, Kendall told Jimmy: "She is kind of amazing. I saw the show [where Millie spoke about the Kardashians] and I saw that she was fangirling over us, and I fangirl over her. I’m kind of obsessed with her."

She added: "So when she did that whole thing I was like oh my God, that’s so cool cause I love her too. And then we ended up becoming kind of friendly – and she’s so sweet, I love her so much."

In other Kendall news, the 22-year-old model has reportedly been caught hanging out with Gigi and Bella Hadid's little brother Anwar, after reportedly splitting with basketball player Ben Simmons because she wanted "to keep her options open". The pair allegedly spent all of Labor Day weekend together, three months after they were seen kissing at the CFDA Awards after-party in New York City.

As they were caught together at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off on Friday and again at Nobu on Sunday night, a source who observed their interaction apparently told People: "Kendall seems great. She’s spending time with Anwar. She obviously likes him, but both nights they were with a group of friends." However, according to other onlookers, "she wasn’t affectionate with Anwar."

So, will Kendall be following in Justin and Hailey's footsteps and shocking us all with an unexpected engagement any time soon? It doesn't seem likely.