Kendall Jenner says Kylie Jenner is 'practising' for a second baby

Kendall Jenner says Kylie Jenner is 'practising' for a second baby

Are the storks flying over the Kardashian/Jenner household yet again? Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show, Kendall was asked about both the pregnancy and marriage rumors that have plagued Kylie since she posted a teasing picture on Instagram. The 21-year-old alluded to being pregnant for a second time when she posted a picture cuddling up to her boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott. Under the picture, Kylie wrote "baby #2?", which led fans to believe that this was her way of announcing that she was having her second child with the rapper.

When asked by Ellen if the rumors were true, Kendall said: "She's not pregnant," adding, "I think she was just like, 'We are like looking good and we’re really into each other and maybe baby number two is gonna happen.'" She cheekily told the audience: "They're practicing."

However, when Ellen applied a little more pressure, Kendall seemed to be less sure, saying: "She’s really interesting. Love her. I love her so much. She has a mind of her own. She’s really clever. I don’t think she’s pregnant."

But Ellen wasn't done there, and proceeded to try and squeeze even more information out of the reality star's sister, asking if she knew whether or not Kylie and Travis were married. Kendall played coy, saying: "If she did, she hasn’t told the family yet. I don’t think that has happened."

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Despite Kendall's denials of any pregnancy, fans of the famous family still think it's possible. Kylie's firstborn, Stormi, celebrated her first birthday this month, with Kylie telling her millions of fans she’s been feeling broody. Kylie's followers have shown their massive support for the idea of a second baby, with one commenting: "YES PLEASE you guys are the most amazing parents." Another wrote: "Yes baby two we are waiting".

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Other fans thought she might actually be referring to Travis when she says "baby #2", with one saying: "She means stormi is baby #1 Travis baby #2 lol omg its not that serious..even if she is..shes extremely successful and grown..she can do what she wants and im sure is one hell of a mother..she even said it herself in past videos she wanted to be a mom..she probably will have more happy for her..she seems happy".

But some think that Kylie is being purposefully deceptive, writing: "I think she's trying to keep us guessing but never know good for her".

Whether Kylie really is pregnant or not, I think it's safe to say that her fans are eagerly waiting for "baby #2"!