Khloé Kardashian accuses Jordyn Woods of 'lying' about cheating drama in brutal tweet after tell-all interview

Khloé Kardashian accuses Jordyn Woods of 'lying' about cheating drama in brutal tweet after tell-all interview

It has been a turbulent week for the Kardashian/Jenner family, and it does not appear that we're heading towards clearer skies anytime soon.

Khloé Kardashian had her life turned upside down last week, when allegations emerged that the father of her child, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson, had cheated on her with Jordyn Woods, who just so happened to be Kylie Jenner's best friend.

Several sources said that they'd seen the pair getting close and personal at a house party mere days after Valentine's Day, and soon social media was awash with cryptic messages from Khloé's bffs, and a noticeable radio silence from Tristan and Jordyn.

Now we're all re-acquainted with the situation that's been unfolding, then, let's dive into the latest bombshell to drop; Jordyn Woods has given a tell-all interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk, and friends, there's a lot to unpack.

Here's what Jordyn had to say about the indiscretion on Red Table Talk, as per Cosmopolitan;

"This is where the story gets tricky. Because I feel like I can't point fingers. I can't say, 'You did this.' Because I allowed myself to be in this position. I allowed myself to be there. I never was belligerently drunk to where I can't remember what happened. I was never blacked out. But there was alcohol involved. I was drunk. I was not tipsy, I was drunk. But I was not beyond the point of recollection. I know where I was.

"On the way out. He did kiss me. It's no passion, no nothing, on the way out. It was a kiss on the lips, but no tongue kiss. No making out. Nothing. I don't think that he's wrong either because I allowed myself to be in that position. When alcohol's involved, people make dumb moves, people get caught up in the moment - who knows. I didn't know how to feel. I was like, 'That didn't just happen.' I was leaving already, so I walked out immediately after. I got in the car, and I was like, 'That didn't happen'. I was in shock. I was like, 'Did this really happen?'"

She then went on to say that she's tried reaching out to Khloé to apologise for the incident, and even went as far as to say that she'd take a lie detector on her version of the events of that night;

"I did as much apologizing as I could do, over the phone, over texts. And until I get the opportunity to talk face-to-face 'cause she can really feel, you know, what I'm saying. but I, I reached out and the opportunity's there. I offered as much as I could. A lie detector test, anything. Whatever makes you feel better is what I want."

Khloé, though, seems to think that Jordyn is doing exactly that: lying. In a tweet that was posted after the interview was posted online, the reality star wrote;

"Why are you lying @jordynwoods ?? If you're going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story. BTW, You ARE the reason my family broke up!"

It seems as though this is one story that's set to rumble on for a little while longer yet, folks.