Khloé Kardashian has a bottle opening hack for when she's 'desperate' for wine

Khloé Kardashian has a bottle opening hack for when she's 'desperate' for wine

This may come as a shock to some of you, but having a baby is actually super hard, you guys. Let's not even talk about the morning sickness, the stretch marks, or even the hours of agony you're in for, when your term finally ends. For today, let's just focus on all the fun things you're not allowed to do, like drink coffee, lift heavy objects or even eat sushi.

For Khloé Kardashian, who welcomed her baby daughter True with Tristan Thompson a little over a month ago, there was one thing that was on her mind throughout those many months of pregnancy: a big ol' bottle of red. Even though she wasted absolutely no time following her pregnancy to sink her teeth into a McDonald's, wine was the thing she missed the most during her term. It's one of her faves.

So much does Khloé K love her a glass of wine, she's figured out a way to get her fix, even when a corkscrew is nowhere in sight. Writing on her app about the joys of fermented grape, she revealed to her loyal fans the perfect hack for when you're in desperate need of wine, even when you're in desperate need of a corkscrew.

If I were you, though, I probably wouldn't try this hack at home.

Ready for this, wine lovers? “Hammer a nail into the cork and take it out with the back of a hanger,” Kardashian says, noting that we're far more likely to have construction tools on hand than we are to have a corkscrew. "Desperate times call for desperate measures!" she adds, realizing only too late how insane this makes her sound.

Only, do your best to know what you're doing with a hammer and nail, and make sure you've not had a few glasses before trying this, either, because that will not be a good time. The rest of Khloé Kardashian's wine advice is disappointingly less likely to result in a trip to the emergency room; she's got a great use for your old wine boxes, suggesting you use them for shoe storage.

She's also got some interesting ideas about chilling wine quickly. After all: "warm vino, no bueno!" Khloé says that covering your wine bottle with a wet paper towel will help it drop the mercury in record time, while frozen grapes make for some awesome wine grapes because “watery vino is so gross”. Can't argue with you there, Khlo.

At the moment, Khloé is doing her best to juggle her new life as a mom with the relationship with True's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, after it emerged that the basketball star had been dunking in other baskets, so to speak. Between her personal life and the constant scrutiny that comes with being part of the Kardashian family, Khloé's probably going to need a lot of wine to get through the day. It's a good thing, then, that she'll never need a corkscrew.