Khloe Kardashian responds to racist remarks made against baby True

Khloe Kardashian responds to racist remarks made against baby True

Though the Kardashians are undoubtedly one of the more famous families on planet Earth, they have not been without their fair share of incidents over the years.

Indeed, just last year Kendall Jenner found herself facing the ire of what seemed like the entirety of the internet for her part in an ill-advised Pepsi campaign.

This year, though largely dominated by endless ruminations on which of the sisters happened to be pregnant at any one time, has also had its fair share of ups and downs for the Kardashians.

Khloe has had to deal with the shock revelation that her partner - and father of her child - was seen canoodling with several other women while he was supposedly with the KUWTK star. The footage was released on the eve of her giving birth, and many commentators sympathised with Khloe for the emotional turmoil the two colliding events must have caused her.

Since then, she has been forced to deny, ignore or else completely shut down endless rumours about her relationship status with Tristan, which could probably be best described as 'complicated' - as Khloe alluded to herself in a witty photograph taken at Kylie Jenner's birthday party.

Khloe has, of course, proved a doting mother to her daughter, True, posting adorable pictures of her on social media. But, sadly, some cruel trolls have left disgusting racist comments on the photos, prompting Khloe to disable comments on her Instagram uploads.

Fans leapt to her defence, with one writing:

"So sorry you have to see the nasty comments people are posting about your beautiful little angel. I really do feel sorry for you because that’s hurtful and completely untrue and unnecessary. True Thompson is beautiful"

Another wrote: "It’s actually so vile seeing what people say about Khloe Kardashians daughter. Imagine receiving racist comments about your own child who is 5 MONTHS old."

While one user added; "Last night I showed my mom the cute picture of the Kardashian babies and started to read the People were being so nasty about True and her skin color. Your life really is pathetic if you go online to hate, especially a little baby."

Khloe has since responded to the furore, thanking her fans for sticking up for her and True;

"You guys are incredible and I feel so blessed to have such great support!!! Some other people are truly miserable in their lives but I truly try to stay in a place of love and peace. My baby True is that for me. I’m blocking out the white noise."

She followed that up with a strong message, replying to a tweet with the following;

"Thank you love!! Honestly people are disgusting and they are hurting themselves. For anyone to critic a baby is obviously not well."

She told another fan that she blocks out the noise, and honestly, that is a skill in itself if you've ever read some of the vile comments the Kardashian family are confronted with on a daily basis.