Khloé Kardashian totally ignoring Tristan Thompson at True's birthday is absolute gold

Khloé Kardashian totally ignoring Tristan Thompson at True's birthday is absolute gold

Okay, so here's the situation. Your boyfriend cheated on you publicly when you were pregnant with his child. You took him back. He cheated on you for a second time, again in full view of the public. This time, you've had enough and break up with him for good. If you had your way, you'd never see him again.

But there's a flaw in the plan. You share a child, who is about to turn one. You decide to invite your ex to his daughter's birthday party, because after all, it's only fair. But how do you behave when he arrives? You completely and utterly ignore him, of course!

An image of Khloé Kardashian. Credit: Getty

That's exactly what Khloé Kardashian did when her little girl True celebrated her first year on this planet at the weekend. And, thankfully for all of us, there is video evidence!

People on Instagram were in stitches when the mother-of-one uploaded footage that showed her basically ignoring everything Tristan did or said. Tristan stands next to her, she doesn't look at him. Tristan tries to ask if she's okay, she blanks him. Tristan tries to get close to her, she steps away. You have to see it to believe it really.

Watch Khloé ignore her cheating ex here:

This being said, although she pays no attention to the Canadian professional basketball player in that particular video, Khloé also did behave like an incredibly mature human being throughout the rest of the party.

Another video shows the 34-year-old letting Tristan hold True as the crowd sings her happy birthday, while a third caught him having a little fun with his daughter, as he cuddles her and tells her: "Happy birthday baby".

Tristan Thompson holds daughter True on her first birthday:

In fact, it seems like he got a lot of adorable bonding time with his daughter!

A crowd sings happy birthday to True as Tristan holds her: 

It must also be pointed out that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was allegedly the person pushing for Tristan to be at his child's celebration.

According to a People source who spoke out before the party, Khloé "figured out how to get Tristan involved," even though her entire family is livid with him - including Kim Kardashian, who apparently thought there was no way she could "keep it together and not lose it on him" if he attended.

"She’s very good at compartmentalizing, and at the end of the day, she wants True to have a happy relationship with both of her parents," the source said in reference to Khloé. "She’s not one to seek revenge or hold on to negativity."

You have to admit, it's great that Khloé is able to put her feelings to the side and make the co-parenting thing work. That doesn't mean we didn't all love the video where she ignores him though!