Kim Kardashian accused of photoshopping yet again after sharing new picture

Kim Kardashian accused of photoshopping yet again after sharing new picture

With over 109 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian gets more attention and adoration from people in a second than most of us are likely to see in a lifetime. Unfortunately for her, not all of it is positive.

There was that time she posted a risque pic taken by North and got slated for showing a little too much skin (though, by her standards, it was actually fairly modest), the time she got called out for challenging Instagram's censorship rules by posting a nearly fully-nude snap, and - more recently - an incident in which she was accused of photoshopping a picture of herself that she'd uploaded to make a statement about the March For Our Lives.

However, she later denied that she'd enhanced the image at all, claiming that she merely used an edit that a fan had made.

"I'm seeing online and on news media outlets that I suffered a "Photoshop fail." It's so ridiculous," she wrote on her app. "I reposted a picture on Instagram that a fan had already posted – I only added a filter to it. It looks like the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that."

But it seems that the KUWTK star hasn't quite escaped the accusations just yet, as now she's posted another supposedly shopped image.

The picture was uploaded to the photo-sharing platform on Wednesday evening, and shows Kardashian sporting a Calvin Klein underwear set in a bathroom mirror. The shot was a behind-the-scenes look from the 37-year-old's shoot with the clothing brand, and - at first glance - appeared to be pretty standard Kardashian material.

However, because of the accusations that have been leveled at the reality TV star before, fans are now looking at KKW's selfies in microscopic detail - and it appears that they might just have found evidence of some sneaky 'shopping.

Don't see it for yourself? Well, scroll down and take a look at what people think is a clear sign of tampering.

It's super subtle, but it does appear that the gap between the door and the wall curves to the shape of Kardashian's leg - a clear indicator that she had deliberately enhanced the image to make her thighs look a little smaller.

And people weren't happy about it.

"Is the door curved down next to her left leg? looololoooolol... you can literally see the distortion lines," commented one user.

"Giving girls everywhere unrealistic body image expectations... Lol photoshopped!! Not hate just saying... Photoshopped... Lmfao you seriously need to chill on the Photoshop..." said another.

However, they made sure to leave room for doubt, with one fan saying: "Her left hip that she has popped out, the door comes in and slants closer to the other door. I wish I could just mark on it, but honestly I could totally be wrong."

Meanwhile, Kim K seems to be ignoring all the accusations, and instead continued her Insta schedule as normal - this time sharing the first snap of her entire family since the arrival of baby Chicago.

It may well turn out that the internet has been a bit too overzealous in their pursuit to call out Kardashian for every little thing she does (and it wouldn't be the first time if that was the case), but, this in this instance, it does look an awful lot like the snap was doctored.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if she fires back with another shut down.