Kim Kardashian has been slammed for copying another brand's makeup palette

Kim Kardashian has been slammed for copying another brand's makeup palette

Earlier this week, Kim teased a new makeup collection on Instagram with just your average pic of her posing in the nude with cherry blossoms stuck to her bare skin. "My new Cherry Blossom Collection is almost here and is inspired by my love for the pretty pink-colored trees (Chi’s baby shower was cherry blossom themed!)" she wrote.

She said the KKW collection, which is to be released on Friday the 14th September, "includes a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, 3 blushes, 8 lipsticks and 3 lip liners in shades of pretty pinks and berries".

People were giddy with excitement, but when Kim revealed pics of the actual products, some people noticed that her highly-anticipated eye-shadow palette looked oddly familiar...

It just so happens that Urban Decay announced Naked Cherry, a new collection that was inspired by the stone fruit, on September 4th. Kim unveiled her new range inspired by the same fruit barely six days later.

It's awkward that they announced the same theme within a week of each other, but it was the similarities between the eyeshadow palettes that had people convinced that Kim straight up copied Urban Decay.

Here's the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette:

And here's the one from KKW:

While the packaging might be different, you can see there are definite similarities in the shades. Both contain deep pinks, light blossom colours, shimmery bronze tones and on either end of the spectrum, both sets have a dark brown and a creamy white.

Kim's Instagram post of the palette instigated a lot of comments saying things like: "Urban Decay Cherry palette? Can she do anything original?", "Doesn't Urban Decay have a cherry palette?" and "Um UD much?!".

"How did 2 brands both come out with a cherry palette at the same time..." asked another.

But... come on. How could Kim really create a whole copy-cat line in a week? Her production and marketing team will likely have things planned out months in advance, so I hardly think it's likely that she ripped off Urban Decay. And would it really be worth the effort?

Some people agreed, responding to the finger-pointers with comments like "You do realise that it took her time to produce this right, it had to have been her own personal idea for this lol" and "I highly doubt Kim saw Urban Decay's Cherry collection and manufactured a whole makeup collection in a week."

It could just be that it's an awkward coincidence and that cherry-toned makeup is having a moment right now. Plus, if you really want to get technical about it, you'll see that Kim's collection is inspired by cherry blossoms, while Urban Decay's is more about the juicy little stone fruit itself.

Kim also claims to have been inspired by cherry blossoms since baby Chicago was born. Chi's baby shower was cherry blossom themed, and Kim even uploaded a pic of the bub where the nine-month-old was wearing a blossom-printed bathing suit when they were on vacation earlier this year.

Well, it seems like she's just inspired by her "Cherry Blossom Baby", and decided that as we move into autumn, dropping a makeup range full of warm reds and berry tones is great timing.

Was it all a big fuss about nothing? Probably. Will people still buy both palettes? Most definitely.