Kim Kardashian is being ridiculously mom-shamed after posting this family photo

Kim Kardashian is being ridiculously mom-shamed after posting this family photo

Throughout her career, Kim Kardashian has been called out for many things: her sassy attitude, her penchant for nudity, and - on more than one occasion - her husband's behaviour. Most of the time, though, the things that earn her the most criticism can be directly linked back to one particular platform... Instagram.

With 116 million followers and a whopping 4,500 posts to her account, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star certainly has a powerful platform at her fingertips. And, as a wise (and maybe fictional) man once said: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Unfortunately, Kim isn't exactly the "responsible" type - and so her social media antics have landed her in hot water on a number of occasions in the past. There were all those allegedly photoshopped snaps, of course, and just recently she posted a picture that appeared to show her with an implant around her neck.

Her latest insta-blunder, however, has nothing to do with her appearance, but rather that of her eldest child's, North West.

On Wednesday of this week, Kim posted a snap of herself and her five-year-old daughter on a yacht with friends and family. Kim, as usual, looks flawless in a full-face of makeup; meanwhile, North looks either confused or a little annoyed at some news she's just been given.

In the context of the reaction the picture received, though, her expression is pretty appropriate - as the little girl is currently being roasted by KKW's fans for wearing a yellow bikini.

"That swimsuit is a bit inappropriate for a little girl in my opinion!" wrote one person.

"Why is your child showing that much skin?" another grumpy commenter added. "I get that [it’s] a swimsuit but c’mon."

And one person even chimed in with a patronising suggestion that Kim simply "doesn't know" how kids are supposed to dress.

"Aren’t kids that age supposed to wear one-pieces? Just in terms of not letting your child be too grown. Like not letting them wear lipstick at that age either. It’s cute when they’re a baby but get a kid a one-piece … It’s not Kim’s fault. She just doesn’t know."

Yes, that's right: a bunch of grown adults on the internet are piling on a child and leaving aggressive comments for her mother because she's wearing a bikini.

Thankfully, a lot of fans saw the insanity in this, and left comments of support for Kim.

"DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT Let these internet trolls shame you for YOUR CHILD wearing a bikini bathing suit!" one fan said. "We been wearing them as kids since the 70’s! The style has NOT changed! Keep rockin you & yours! She looks adorable! One mom to another!"

"All those mom shamers always ready to attack," added another. "Kim is with her daughter in a safe environment. I guess her kid is the only kid to ever wear a two-piece? Let the mom parent her kids and stop shaming moms."

She might be famous, but North West is still a kid, and she should be allowed to dress like one. Insisting that she covers herself up is a disturbing notion, as children shouldn't be sexualised in any way.

Kim ought to do what she does best in this situation, and simply ignore all the haters.