Kim Kardashian just got called out for her terrible Photoshop skills on Instagram

Kim Kardashian just got called out for her terrible Photoshop skills on Instagram

The Kardashians may be many things - rich, famous, successful - but if there's one label they can't use for themselves, it's "natural". Kylie's lips and Kim's booty have obviously been created with the magic of a surgeon's touch (though Kim tried to deny that fact for a very long time), and Kris' face certainly hasn't been able to stay that youthful without a little medical intervention.

But, despite all the enhancements and implants, it seems that the Kardashians still rely on the good ol' Photoshop tricks to really give themselves the bodies they want - as Kim finally revealed in a poorly-edited pic she posted yesterday on Instagram.

The picture was intended to show the 37-year-old's support for the March For Our Lives protest, with the reality star having captioned it, "So ready to March today! ‪@AMarch4OurLives @EveryTown". However, she apparently decided that she didn't like the original image, and so uploaded a second - terribly tweaked - version of it shortly afterward, this time captioned, "Let's March!"

Unfortunately, her edits didn't go unnoticed by all of her 109million followers, and the reality star ended up being called out by many people.

So, let's play a little game of spot the difference - shall we? Here's the original image posted by the Kardashian Kween:

And here's the sloppy edit:


Have you spotted it yet? No? Ok then, here's a clue: you'd have to be pretty skinny to drive that car.

Not only that, but Kim's slapdash alterations to the picture also ended up producing a bent curb (see bottom right). But, for all her efforts, it really doesn't seem as if her body changed all that much. Perhaps there is a tiny difference in her waist size, but, other than that, she still appears to be the same Kim that we know and love.

And, because of this, her fans tore into her:

"Just me or did anyone else see the squashed car in the back. #photoshopped. Caught you," wrote one follower.

"Photoshop Fail," said another.

"What happened with the car in the back," asked a third.

Unable to take the criticism, it seems, Kim has since disabled the comments on the post.

Thankfully, she redeemed herself shortly afterward with this adorable picture of her husband, Kanye, and their elder daughter, North, at the march:

The reality star has been fairly vocal on her views about gun control in the past, and actually wrote a blog post last June about her support for Everytown, an organization which describes itself as "a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities".

She says in the post that she is "not against guns", nor is she "against people owning guns". However, she does believe that "we should restrict access to firearms" for certain people.

So, while we can mock her as much as we like for her shoddy attempts at making herself just a tiny bit skinnier, we should respect her decision to join the march yesterday. She may well be rich, famous and successful - but she still cares about the innocent victims of gun crime. You go, Kim!