Kim Kardashian left an extremely racy comment on Kanye West's Instagram photo and people are freaking out

Kim Kardashian left an extremely racy comment on Kanye West's Instagram photo and people are freaking out

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have three kids, and have been married for four years. Who would have thought they'd be such a stable couple? The paparazzi trails them wherever they go, and there haven't been any reports of affairs. Unless you count those rumors that "KiKi" hooked up with Drake. And I wouldn't, or Yeezy might yell at you.

What's the secret to Kim and Kanye's marriage? Maybe it's having an ass as big as your partner's ego. Or maybe it's flexing PDA on social media. If you're ridiculously in love, you might as well show it, right? Kim and Kanye have posted suggestive comments before. For example, when Kim dyed her blonde, she tweeted, "I’d go blonde for that D." (If you don't know what "D" stands for, sorry, I can't explain it. This is a family website.)

Well, now the reality star is back at it, and she's thirstier than World War 2 bombardier Louis Zamperini after his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean and he survived for 41 days in a life raft! Sorry. I try to sneak a little world history into these Kardashian articles. Anyway, Kanye West Instagrammed a photo of his leg. In gray sweatpants. While he was sitting down. The caption says "Level." Yeah, I don't know what it means either. ("No one knows what it means, but it's provocative, it gets the people going!")

It looked like a innocent photo - that is, until a wild Kim Kardashian popped up in the comments. The beauty mogul ruined the innocent vibe more than Stormy Daniels guest appearing on Sesame Street. "Grey sweat pants challenge?" asked Kim. "Lemme see."

If you're not familiar with the gray sweat pants challenge, congratulations! I envy you. Basically, people noticed that when men wear gray sweatpants, it makes their junk more visible. So, men took a break from sending unsolicited dick picks to every woman on Tinder, and began posting "gray sweatpants challenge" photos on social media. In response, everyone loved it? Hated it? Roasted them? Maybe all three.

Fans loved Kim's racy comment. As of this writing, Ye has not accepted his wife's request to partake in the "gray sweatpants challenge." But we will keep you updated if this story grows any bigger. Wait, isn't Kanye releasing his new album, Yandhi, this Saturday? Maybe Kim will talk Kanye into doing the "gray sweatpants challenge" on his album cover.

But Kimye isn't the clout couple to get their PDA on. Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson recently shared a steamy video from the back of a car. The footage, shot by self-confessed "third wheel" Kourtney Kardashian, shows Tristan serenade Khloé, then lick her face. Like most public displays of affection, you might find it cute, or you might find it nauseating. Anyway, if your marriage is on the rocks, give PDA a shot. If works for the Kardashians, it could work for you.