Kim Kardashian offered huge job after acing law exam

Kim Kardashian offered huge job after acing law exam

Robert Shapiro, the lawyer who worked alongside Rob Kardashian in the historic OJ Simpson murder trial, has offered his old friend's daughter a job.

Kim Kardashian, of course, is now training to be a lawyer, and as she continues her studying as she approaches the end of her first year of an apprenticeship at a San Francisco law firm, and Shapiro says that the 38-year-old might have what it takes to be an attorney of the highest quality.

OJ Simpson and his lawyers Credit: Getty

Speaking to TMZ, Shapiro, now 76, said that the socialite's qualities will translate well to a career in the law, hinting that her skills might even surpass that of her father.

"Kim's already done incredible work with no experience, so the sky's the limit now that she's seriously practicing law," he said to TMZ, and even tentatively offered her a job, once she was finished with her apprenticeship.

"Once she passes the bar, she'll always have a job at my law firm. I think she'll be a sensational lawyer. Look what she did with the President of the United States. She got somebody right out of jail. I think she'll be sensational... It's gonna be a very difficult and long process for her, doing it the way she's doing it. I wish her the best of luck."

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Shapiro also said that he knew about Kim's desire to go into law well before everybody else did, saying that the 38-year-old is "serious" about her aspirations.

"She told me a year ago she was planning on doing this, so she's serious about it and I hope she is successful...I only know one other person who was able to pass the bar in the way she's doing it without going to law school. I give anybody credit who wants to further their education [and] try to do something they've never done and be challenged, and I hope she's successful."

Over the past week, Kim Kardashian has been hard at work preparing for the torts exam - part of her work in her first year of her apprenticeship. Posting a picture of her study group on Instagram, Kim also took the time to slam people criticising her decision, saying: "the state bar doesn't care you who are."

"One person actually said I should 'stay in my lane.' I want people to understand that there is nothing that should limit your pursuit of your dreams, and the accomplishment of new goals. You can create your own lanes, just as I am."

Looks like Kim Kardashian will have another thing to say to her daughter North West, when she next asks why her mom is famous:

In a tweet, Kim Kardashian confirmed that she'd got an A on the torts exam. "Aced my test btw," she said, posting to Twitter.