Kim Kardashian posts adorable throwback photo with her father from when she was just 17 years old

Kim Kardashian posts adorable throwback photo with her father from when she was just 17 years old

Kim Kardashian is not normally one to keep her private life particularly - well - private. If she attends some kind of awards ceremony, we hear about it. If one of her kids does something sort of adorable, we hear about it. If she takes a nakeder-than-usual selfie, we hear about it.

At this rate, it seems that we might only be a few months away from hearing about the reality star's bowel movements.

In all seriousness, though, Kim K does share a lot of stuff with her fans - but she still has some cards in her personal life that she holds very close to her chest. Her father, for instance, is someone that she very rarely speaks about these days.

Robert Kardashian Sr., who is one of the biggest reasons that the Kar-Jenners have the level of fame they currently enjoy today, passed away back in 2003 from esophageal cancer. He was only 59 years old at the time, and left behind Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe when they were 24, 22, and 19 respectively.

Losing their father at such a young age obviously had a huge impact on the sisters (and, of course, their brother, Robert Jr.), and they each remember him fondly 15 years later.

In fact, Kim still shares throwback pictures of herself with her dear old dad these days, and just yesterday posted one with the simple caption, "1998". In the candid snap, Robert smiles warmly at the camera, meanwhile 17-year-old Kim is busy chatting away behind him.

This is just the latest in a number of posts that KKW has posted about Robert.

On Father's Day this year, she shared this adorable picture of herself as a young girl with her arm around her father. She captioned it: "I know I’m posting this early but you’re so heavy on my mind tonight. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world. I miss you so much dad."

She also shared this (hilariously dated) shot of her mother and father, and - if you can tear yourself away from the sight of Robert's amazing moustache for a second - it's amazing to see how much Kris looks like her daughters.

And here's a sweet family shot from 1999, in which Kim is rocking the 'teenager in the 1990s' look rather well.

So, while it might appear on the surface that Kim Kardashian posts a lot of selfies and nudes, she also dedicates a lot of her time and her platform to her family. Every other picture on her Instagram is either a shot of her kids, a throwback to times when her parents were both alive and/or together, or a current snap of her enjoying life with her sisters.

And it feels strange to say something so emotional about a celeb such as KKW, but it's clear that her father made a huge impression on her, and she is obviously doing her best to make her children as happy as he made her.