Kim Kardashian posts racy photo on Twitter to promote new Yeezys

Kim Kardashian posts racy photo on Twitter to promote new Yeezys

Kim Kardashian, purveyor of the nude selfie, and Kanye West's most loyal fan, has taken two of her biggest convictions - the aforementioned - and combined them to make one glorious Instagram post. In typical Kardashian fashion, it involves a partially-nude Kim flaunting some merchandise. Only this time, the brand in question is her husband's sneaker line, Yeezy.

The 37-year-old, who is seen lying on a bed, wearing just her underwear and a pair of Yeezys, undoubtedly had people choking on their coffee as they scrolled through Twitter this morning.

It's clearly a advertisement for Kanye's shoe line, but personally, I think it's making a better case for her leg and glutes routine.

Either way, you can't deny that Kim isn't a great saleswoman.

This isn't the first time in recent weeks that Kim has been photographed lounging around in her husband's designs. Earlier this month, an image of Kim from the same shoot was shared ad nauseam and naturally got made into some very entertaining memes.

Here's the shot in question:

And here's what the people of the internet promptly made them into...

Kim even took to her Instagram Stories to share some of her favourites, and I'm sure that you'll also agree that they're a hoot.

Well, who would have known that Kim Kardashian could turn even the most mediocre of Photoshop users into veritable artists? All in a day's work, eh.