Kim Kardashian reveals that she still has no idea where pickles come from

Kim Kardashian reveals that she still has no idea where pickles come from

Despite our near-obsession with everything in the food world, there's still so much about the things we shovel into our mouth that we still don't know anything about. Sometimes, that's for a good reason (if I ever found out how they made hot dogs there's no way I'd ever eat one again), but arguably, most of the time it's just good to know.

It might help you to understand its nutritional value, or how to make it yourself, but mainly, it's so you don't look stupid when everyone else knows it and you don't. No idea what I'm talking about? Step forward, Kim Kardashian, and try to explain why in this year 2018 of our Lord with literally all of the information at your fingertips, you still don't know how a pickle comes to be a pickle.

I'll give you a hint; there's no such thing as a pickle vegetable. 'Pickle', as you can pretend you already knew, refers to how a specific vegetable or food is prepared; by soaking it in vinegar, you can keep food for a lot longer, and give it a pretty unique taste. When you think of a pickle, you're actually talking about a pickled cucumber.

They are great on burgers or pizzas (don't judge until you've tried one), but Kim Kardashian's really struggling to understand where they come from. This isn't even a new issue, either.

All the way back in 2010, we only knew Kardashian only for being part of some reality show, plus an X-rated tape with a guy named Ray J. The idea of being married to Kanye West or being the queen of all social media in these, the end-times of society, could have been a plot in an episode of Black Mirror (which also wasn't a thing back in 2010).

Still, she took to Twitter back in February of 2010 to reveal to the world: she was having a hard time believing where a pickle came from. Luckily, this being eight years ago, the default response was not to harass Kim K but to try and educate her, and she left Twitter that day knowing one more thing about pickles. Or so we thought.

That should have been the end of it, and for a while it was. But as revealed in a new video where she read through old tweets with her former assistant Stephanie Shepherd; at the time, Kim Kardashian was just nodding along and pretending to understand while still not quite getting it. When reminded of her eight-year-old brain fart, Kim K responded: "I still don’t even know. And I don’t care to research."

To be fair to Stephanie Shepherd, she really does try to get the point across to Kardashian, spending around 48 seconds too long to explain to a grown adult how and why a cucumber becomes a pickle, but to no avail. Nope! Still not clicking for poor Kim K.

Maybe one day, when she's finished posting her selfies for the day, she and Kanye West will go on the Wikipedia page for pickles and learn quite a lot, but sadly, folks, that day is not today.